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March 2nd, 2021 I A contribution by Gessica Mirra and Katharina Klenner I Images: Unsplash

The spring is just around the corner and with it the annual tradition of spring cleaning - not only is your apartment happy about a visit from scouring milk and all-purpose cleaner, but your car is definitely not against a new polish or the use of cleaning agents. What many do not know: The Car cleaning is often not allowed on private properties, for example, as washing water containing oil and dirt seeps directly into the ground, especially on unpaved ground, and is thus almost unfiltered into the Groundwater got. Here you can find out what exactly is allowed and what forbidden is. how and especially where you sustainable wash your car.

Can I wash my car on my property?

There is no uniform federal regulation for washing cars on one's own property in Germany. If the local statutes do not generally prohibit the washing of the car, the following applies in general: If the waste water does not end up in the sewage system or a neighboring body of water, but seeps away on the property, the car may be washed.

However, the following must also be observed:

  • washing the engine is prohibited
  • washing vehicles in a water protection area is prohibited
  • the vehicle may only be washed with clear water (chemical cleaning agents are prohibited) and sponges or brushes (steam jets are prohibited)

→ The general rule is: Find out about the individual legal situation in your community

Now you did your research and found out that your community allows you to wash the car on your own property - great! But wait a minute: is it even sustainable? We want to answer this question now.

Washing the car yourself at home - is that sustainable?

To cut a long story short: no. At least in most cases, it is advisable not to wash the car on your own property. On the one hand, because between 70 and 150 liters of precious water are wasted. This water, together with the cleaning and care products used and residues such as soot, oil and tar, ends up unfiltered in the sewer system or seeps into the ground. This can have serious consequences: just one drop of oil can contaminate up to 8000 liters of groundwater. The contaminated water also gets into the food cycle of plants and animals and endangers them.

How can you wash your car more sustainably? You will find out now.

So you can wash your car more sustainably

In fact, it is much more sustainable to have your car cleaned in a car wash or to do it yourself in a self-service car wash: This not only saves water, but also protects the groundwater from contamination.

The environmentally friendly technology used in the car washes makes it possible for the washing water to be cleaned again and again and reused for numerous car washes. The recycling rate of German professional car washes is now almost 90%. In addition, special separators hold back oil and lubricants.

Wastewater treatment systems are also available in specially equipped washing areas.

Tips for the car wash:

  • If possible, visit the facilities on a rainy day. Since dust and stones act like sandpaper, they not only dirty the paint, but can also scratch it
  • Do not do without a pre-wash: Heavy soiling is loosened and rinsed off so that it is not carried into the washing system

Only clean your car yourself if it is ensured that the water is then professionally treated again. There are often special boxes for this in car washes and similar washing systems. In this way you can prevent pollution and save water.

There are now car wash owners who have even made environmental friendliness a top priority. In these washing systems, for example, filter systems are used that recycle the washing water and / and no aggressive and chemical detergents are used in these washing systems that would additionally pollute the environment.

We have put together a list of such washing systems for the entire federal territory.

Car washes that focus on sustainability


  • Clean Car in Bad Oldesloe, Bad Segeberg, Elmshorn, Eutin, Glinde-Reinbek, Heide, Itzehoe, Kaltenkirchen, Kiel, Lübeck, Neustadt i. H., Quickborn, Reinfeld and Rendsburg

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  • Clean Car in Neubrandenburg, Ribnitz Damgarten, Rostock and Stralsund


  • Clean Car in Altona, Barmbek and Rahlstedt
  • Clean & Green (truck & motorhome car wash)




  • CAR ROYAL car wash in Spandau, Reinickendorf and Schöneweide

Lower Saxony

  • Clean Car in Buchholz, Lüneburg, Seevetal and Soltau


  • Wap raccoon food in Aschersleben

North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Self-service car wash Spürkel in Bochum
  • Best Carwash Hamm


  • Delitzsch self-service car wash


  • Car wash at the Porstendorf truck stop


  • CAR ROYAL car wash in Vellmar


  • Nahetal wash arena


  • WaschWelt self-service washing facility in Wadgassen, Saarlouis and Völklingen


  • Raccoon washing facilities in Gaimersheim, Pfaffenhofen, Schwabach and Freising
  • BEST CARWASH Regensburg


If washing your own car is allowed in your community or if you want to wash your car yourself in a box in the car wash and you are still looking for suitable sustainable products, we have the right thing for you.

Cleaning and care products for your car

Glart wash sponges

The car sponges from Glart consist of 100% PU foam and are therefore recyclable. You can gently wash all parts of your car with the sponges.


Moanah sells a wide variety of cleaning products, such as all-purpose and glass cleaners, which are suitable for cleaning the interior of a car, for example. All cleaning products are sold in glass bottles and contain no harsh chemicals.


MyCleaner's car cleaning agents are capsules that soften and loosen dirt. The dirt can then be checked and, above all, removed with a microfiber cloth without water.


The company sells a wide variety of products, such as "cockpit care", "car shampoo" and interior cleaner, for cleaning and caring for cars. All products are 100% natural.

Washed with all waters - the bottom line is environmentally friendly car washing

So it can be said: It is not allowed to wash your car everywhere in Germany, as potentially harmful substances could get into the groundwater. Since the water is treated in some car washes and can then be used again, this is another reason for washing the car in a car wash. If you prefer to wash your car yourself, make sure (in addition to the legal situation in your community) that you at least use cleaning agents that do not pose a burden to the environment. If you have considered all of that, nothing stands in the way of spring car cleaning. Have fun.



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