The female orgasm increases fertility

Fertility myths under the microscope

Women look particularly attractive on fertile days

Yes, hormones are by no means only to blame for the fact that the breasts are sometimes painfully tense or the pimples sprout. They are also responsible for ensuring that women look even prettier than usual on their fertile days. Reason: "The estrogen level is massively increased, which among other things ensures smooth skin and a good mood," explains Peter Rosenbaum.

In addition, women release sexual attractants - so-called pheromones - through their skin, which have a seductive effect on men and make women more sexually active themselves. This increases the likelihood that couples will find each other on exactly the right days.

Eating a healthy diet helps you get pregnant quickly

A healthy diet probably does not have a direct influence on the chance of getting pregnant. It has also not been conclusively clarified whether the additional intake of vitamins or trace elements helps boost fertility. But: underweight and overweight - often the result of an unbalanced diet - can have a negative effect. In extremely underweight women, for example, the ovaries are no longer stimulated, the cycle and with it the menstrual period stop. "This often happens in patients with eating disorders," reports Thomas Strowitzki.

Even if the woman has long since regained her normal weight, the period could not occur, adds Peter Rosenbaum. "In contrast, very overweight women produce male hormones in adipose tissue," says the expert. This also often leads to the absence of ovulation and periods.