What are the best mixers for Jaegermeister

Jägermeister with cocoa - can it taste good? Oh yeah!

There are many ways to mix and drink alcohol. Most of them are fun. But Jägermeister with cocoa, can that do what? Our author, a former "hunter's", thinks it's fantastic.

The schnapps with 56 herbs and spices - hated by many and loved by many. At countless promo events I heard of some crazy experiences with the "horn whiskey", as some called it. Most of them were a few too many shots.

Contrary to the prejudice that the "Jägerettes" - as the brand messages are also called - served way too many free shots, I always experienced strict adherence to the Marketing Codex. Of course we also had shots to try, always ice-cold, of course. The best shot through the -18 degrees of the tap machine, a special Jägermeister tap machine.

"Jägermeister with cocoa? That doesn't taste good"

However, I found the moments when we were serving long drinks much more exciting. Jägermeister with cola was well known, but the combinations of Jägermeister with tonic or orange juice always aroused skepticism. Tonic lovers enjoyed the change from gin. Well, the orange juice didn't get the most appetizing color in the mixture. But for a long time it was my new discovery and my favorite variant.

But that's nothing compared to my absolute insider tip: Jägermeister with cocoa. Please what? Sounds disgusting? Why then? Probably because warm Jägermeister tastes terrible. I offered people to try it and if they didn't like it I would mix something else for them. This has happened maybe twice in hundreds of tastings.

With or without icing - just as you want

There is cocoa with rum, called Lumumba, and cocoa with amaretto and cocoa with Baileys - everything is normal. So why not just try Jägermeister with cocoa?

Personally, I don't need the icing on the cake. That’s enough for me with all the milk, so I’m not a cocoa with Baileys fan either.
By the way, those who enjoy trying things out dare to go to Jägermeister with milk. Even I haven't done that yet. There is more inspiration in the Recipe book.