Will he refuse me

Why men always reject you

We can safely say that there is no one who has never dealt with rejection in the dating scene. We've all dealt with it in one way or another. It's no fun. It sucks.

But being rejected is part of every part of life and we can only learn to deal with it. But why are some women - we're talking about dating here - constantly rejected, while others always seem to hit the jackpot?

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Any woman reading this should be thinking about the dating patterns not only of herself but also of her group of friends right now. Isn't it confusing that some women are amazingly lucky in dating, and other women are almost always rejected by the men they chase after?

Some of my friends have practically never been single. The moment they're there, a new great guy catches up with them. Not only do they have no problems landing a man, but they keep their men interested too.

Other friends of mine are single at will. They are essentially never rejected. They date around, they are wanted by many, and when someone rejects someone, it is they who reject them - rarely the other way around.

And then there are the women who always seem to be rejected. These women may not be single willingly, and if they are, it's because of their fear of rejection. Your pattern seems to be that even if it lands on a man, he is quick to lose interest. Or they can't even get a man to care about them in the first place, as they are always turned down if they chase after him in any way.

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If this sounds like you, read on because the solution to ending this pattern of rejection may be easier than you think. Here are 6 reasons why you keep getting turned down by the men you're interested in, and what to do about it:

1. You don't give the law of averages a chance to work its magic

In other words, you're not putting yourself out there enough - not by far. If you've been rejected by men a few times and you've developed a fear of rejection, you could avoid the dating world together.

The average law says that the more "no" you experience, the closer you get to a "yes". It's the magic of probability. In other words, the more dates you have that don't work, or the more often you're turned down, the closer you are to finding someone to work with.

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Sounds a bit stupid if you put it that way, I'll admit that - dating a hundred men until you find the right one ??? Oh no, I'd rather stay single ...

It's not literally about the number of guys you have to date, but rather about learning from the experiences you have. Every guy should teach you what you want and don't want, what you can still do about yourself and what makes you great.

You should learn to detect the behavior of the assholes and to recognize the good men. Maybe it's time to learn that the muscular and tattooed guys that you get so crazy about aren't really the type of person that you are in your soul. Learn to interpret the signals for what they really are without reflecting your wishes in them.

If you're actively dating, rejection is inevitable. If you don't get rejected, you don't try. You have to be out there and fight your way through if you are serious about finding someone attractive and compatible with you.

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If you go to the same bars all the time and run into the same lousy guys all the time, you may be wasting your time no matter how many of whom you date. Perhaps you should have realized by now that you'd better look for a man where your passion is.

Always wanted to learn to dive? Well then, sign up. Have fun and get to know the men there. It is much more likely that you will end up with a man where you are among people with whom you have something in common and share a passion.

If you don't corner yourself, you will stay far from that coveted "yes". Mr. Right won't knock on your door while you're watching Netflix and he asks you if he can borrow a cup of sugar. Nobody does that anymore. Sorry, but you have to actually go out, meet people, try new things, make the right decisions, and be open to men who may not be your typical idea of ​​a man. Just be open and out there, stop hiding and it will happen.

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2. You are trapped in a circle of rejection

If you are used to being rejected and ignored, you may unconsciously seek rejection because you are familiar with it. If you search for rejection without realizing it, you may develop a psychological bond with the rejection.

If you identify with disappointment, disapproval, and rejection, you can develop what is known in the English-speaking world as"Rejection attachment" is known. Some of the women reading this article are guilty of ignoring the men who care about them and instead pursuing the men who don't seem so interested.

Perhaps this is evidence of a rejection attachment. They know they'll likely be rejected because the men they fell in love with show no sign of appreciation or interest in them, but since rejection is what they are familiar with, they're okay with it. You're swimming in familiar territory, and it's strangely comfortable.

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Women who have been linked to rejection are likely to believe they are undesirable, so they are gathering evidence to support that belief. This evidence-gathering would, of course, include obtaining consent from those who are unwilling to give them any kind of endorsement and chasing after those who do not fully reciprocate their affection.

3. Your attitude towards finding a partner is generally very negative

When you've had way too many terrible dating experiences to count, staying optimistic can be difficult. Perhaps you have been dumped, cheated on, rejected, left for a "better one" and have been told so many times that you are not good enough that you now have a negative attitude towards dating.

The problem with not being positive is that you don't attract anything positive. You get what you give, so if you give up a negative attitude about anything related to dating, it will be picked up - even if it is subtle or unconscious.

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The law of attraction rightly suggests that any limiting beliefs toward dating or love will keep you from attracting a good partner. If you think that you are not good enough to be adored by anyone, you will never be adored by anyone. If you think you will be rejected, you will be rejected. Any time you catch yourself thinking these negative beliefs, make sure to question them, because negativity is a bad habit that needs to be overcome.

4. You have low self-esteem

“I eat because I am unhappy ... and I am unhappy because I eat. It is a doom-loop." Well, the same goes for rejection. You have low self-esteem because you are rejected ... and you are rejected because of your low self-esteem. You cannot let this cycle go on.

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Self-esteem is a massive thing in a relationship and when you don't have one it shows up everywhere from your face to your personality to the treatment of others. You can be stunningly beautiful, but when you suffer from dangerously low self-esteem, a man will notice it right away.

Men can even see through the types of women who make negative jokes about themselves, as the joke is obviously used to hide low self-esteem. If a woman doesn't look at herself positively, it turns men off. A woman should be comfortable and accepting herself before she can let someone else into her life. It is a must. This is a major reason men reject a certain woman because men are not attracted to women who have low self-esteem and no self-confidence.

You have to make yourself aware that the people around you will always perceive you as you perceive and show yourself. Confidence and self-love are attractive qualities, and that is the number one thing to work on if you are to find love.

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If you are not convinced yourself that you are a great catch, why should he think you are? How can he tell? If all of your behavior screams that you are not good enough, the man will buy it from you and look elsewhere for a woman.

5. You are either too needy or too independent

Nobody enjoys this extreme. Being too needy is terrible because nobody likes it when they feel like a person is too dependent on you. It can be overwhelming for a man to think that he is fully responsible for your happiness because you “need” him and rely on him so much.

If you have a crush on someone and you happen to be a needy lady, you want them around you all the time. So you're not really giving him room to breathe - which is essential when starting a relationship (unless the two of you are in need - then that relationship was created in heaven). If you suffocate a man before you've even started a relationship, he'll run right away and not look back.

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Sometimes it is so confusing when it comes to the accuracy of some men. You are either too needy or TOO INDEPENDENT. Some men need a daily ego boost, so if you happen to like a man like him and you are an independent woman, chances are the guy will end up rejecting you. Because he also wants to be used a little.

He probably doesn't want you to be so independent that he can't even show off a little and solve a problem for you because you always want to solve it yourself. He probably doesn't want you to be so independent that you don't care enough about him and don't let anything influence you. After all, most people are looking for a partnership in which they support one another and are there for one another.

I believe neediness shouldn't always be viewed as a mistake because sometimes a woman just needs one shoulder to lean on during difficult times. So if he rejects you for it, you didn't need him at all.

6. You choose the wrong men

Don't run after a guy who's also dating other women. Before running after a guy, it's best to find out all the details when it comes to how "single" he really is. If he can't get over his ex-girlfriend, if he's only recently been single again, or if the woman he really wants has turned him down, it's best to think twice about dating this guy.

It is quite difficult to get a guy to bond with you when there is still someone to think of. Make sure he's single, unattached, and available in all respects. Ask around and ask him. Straight.

It is best to find a guy who is literally available. Find men who are open to a relationship, healthy and happy. Don't pick the wrong men or let them choose you.

Closing word

The sooner we stop seeing ourselves as victims and start taking responsibility for our dating decisions and the pain and suffering that result from those decisions, the sooner we allow ourselves to be open to a healthy relationship.

If a guy rejects you, deal with it as adults. Don't do anything rash. Don't freak out.

Dating and men can teach you a lot about yourself. You just need to be able to look past your emotions and develop a willingness to learn from and correct your mistakes. Be grateful for that. Even if it doesn't work out, don't be bitter.

You don't have to take rejection personally. He doesn't reject you as a person, but mostly the way you represent yourself. And you can easily change that. By focusing on your positive sides by learning to be content with your life and with yourself. Confidence and passion are what attracts the opposite sex.

Any man who didn't work out can be a stepping stone in preparation for the next one you meet. This can happen until you reach one that shakes your world completely. It's up to you to decide if you're ready to give him the best version of yourself you've ever offered. Do not abandon him and especially yourself.

If dating is too difficult for you and this whole search for a man suitable for a relationship is too much, put the idea aside for a short time. You are a strong, independent woman and there is no expiration date for love. Love is all well and good, but it's not a marathon. It comes when it comes. Focus on getting to know the men, go to the places where you meet men you have something in common with, don't start a romance right away before you connect with someone.