What is the name of CrossFit WODs

CrossFit: 6 intense workouts to do at home

In the 1990s, CrossFit was popular as the toughest strength circuit training in the world, especially in the USA.

Primarily soldiers and police officers kept fit with these workouts. They are now known to us - and some are feared. But that is unfounded.

The combinations of exercises with and without weight, which are either about doing a lot of repetitions or rounds in a given time or doing a given number of these as quickly as possible, really get to the point.

But they also have great effects: for building muscle and losing fat as well as for general fitness.

In addition, a CrossFit workout challenges all major muscle groups and lets them work together functionally in complex movement patterns, thus training basic motor properties.

Even the competitive nature - you measure yourself against all athletes in the same box - which is considered to be particularly motivating, may intimidate some beginners.

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Practice getting started at home

CrossFit is also suitable for beginners, because there is an easier alternative for almost every exercise. If you still shy away from direct comparison with others, you can try one of the at-Home WODs at home.

In addition to bodyweight exercises, these consist of exercises that can be performed with kettle or dumbbells. Those who do not have these to hand either can creatively make do with everyday objects.

But be careful: even without weights, repeating the exercises quickly carries a certain risk of injury. The idea of ​​a challenge - even if you are just competing against yourself or against time - should never precede the proper execution of a movement.

CrossFit WODs for the home

All you need for these six “workouts of the day” is a soft mat, a towel and something to drink - because every single workout is guaranteed to be sweaty.


The name describes the number of repetitions that should be completed: You start with 21 burpees and then do 21 thrusters immediately afterwards. Only then do you pause for two minutes.

The second set consists of 15 burpees and 15 thrusters, followed by another two-minute break. In the third round there are only 9 repetitions each.

Since these two exercises alone train the whole body, you will burn loads of calories in just fifteen to twenty minutes that you need for this WOD.

For the burpees, jump from the push-up position to the standing position and the straight jump, then back on the floor.

The thrusters combine the sequence of movements of a squat with an overhead press. So you get up from the squat and also push your arms outstretched upwards.

Interval running

A classic among CrossFit workouts: Instead of doing this exercise at home, you do this outside. It includes running 800 meters followed by a three-minute break. Then you run 400 meters and then rest for two minutes. Finally, run another 200 meters.

Repeat the interval training three times. You should end up with around fifty to sixty minutes of exercise time. The quick alternation between power-off and recovery phases is ideal for burning calories.

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AMRAP - 20 minutes

The goal of this workout is to complete As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in twenty minutes. In each round you complete:

Rest between rounds as long as necessary - but as short as possible.

When doing the walking lunges, make sure that the steps are neither too small nor too big.

The push-ups can be performed on the floor, propped up on a bench and on the knees - depending on the desired level of difficulty.

With the forearm support, the tension in the core is particularly important: Do not fall into the hollow back.


Candy consists of five rounds of pull-ups, push-ups, and squats. Since you should do a lot of repetitions per round, take as much time as you need. Do in every sentence

Pull-ups and twenty of them straight away are not that easy - especially if you don't have a pull-up bar in the door. To make this exercise a little easier and to be able to do it at home without any problems, use a towel to help.

Attach this securely to the doorknob. Close the door and pull yourself up to the tensioned towel with the strength of your arms - slowly let it fall back again until your arms are fully stretched again.

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Tabata Intervals

This HIIT workout has it all. In general, Tabata means a form of workout where you go full throttle for twenty seconds, then pause for only ten seconds, then power up again for twenty seconds, and so on.

In this example you do this with three alternating exercises, namely burpees, sit-ups and the so-called kettlebell swings. Finally, another twenty seconds of burpees follow.

For the kettlebell swings you stand slightly bent on your knees, your back stays straight. The arms swing from below, between the legs, up to shoulder height and back again.

It is a good idea to add a weight for this exercise. If you don't have a kettlebell, just take a sack of potatoes, a heavy backpack or something similar. The strength should not come from the arms during this movement, but from the legs and core.

With a record time of just four to five minutes, this WOD nips all excuses that are based on little time in the bud.


It is well known in the CrossFit scene that the particularly hard workouts are named after women. Angie is no exception. The principle is all the easier for it. You complete a total of:

  • 100 pull-ups
  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 squats

How many breaks you include, after how many reps you change the exercise, etc. is entirely up to you. Again, you can use the towel on the door handle for easier pull-ups.

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Think Outside the CrossFit Box

Even without kettle or dumbbells, you can easily increase the intensity of almost any exercise - with utensils that everyone has at home: filled water bottles, books, heavy backpacks, potato sacks, broomsticks and a lot more can easily be repurposed.

Instead of intensifying in dumbbells, you can, for example, take a filled water bottle in each hand. Some get even more creative and attach something to both ends of a broomstick to weigh down and use it as a barbell.

The walking lunges can be made even more difficult with one bottle in hand each.

Weighted kettlebell swings and sit-ups work perfectly with a bottle of liquid detergent filled to the brim or - if available - a large rice sack (which can weigh up to twenty kilograms).

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