What surprises you most about life?

Travel blogger thinks: "There are just so many great places in Dortmund!"

Dortmund surprised. You: "When did you move to Dortmund with your family - and why?"

Alexandra Kryaneva:"That is a curious story. My husband and I had a long-distance relationship for a very long time - I lived and worked first in Bonn, then in Nuremberg - he in Aachen, Hamburg and Essen. In 2013 we decided to move to our place of residence together At that time I was working in the aviation sector and got a job offer in Düsseldorf. My husband found a job in Dortmund. So the shared apartment should be somewhere in the middle. Because my husband has already lived and worked in Essen, we thought about food. We even found a nice apartment and almost signed a lease. But then a colleague of my husband's, who lived in the Saarlandstrasse district, had to move out quickly for private reasons and your apartment was vacant. The rest is history . "

Dortmund surprised. You: "Why are you writing a Dortmund blog?"

Alexandra Kryaneva:"That is a very good question and now I even have an answer to it: When I moved to Dortmund in 2013 and commuted to Düsseldorf almost every day, I hardly took the time to explore Dortmund. Only in 2016, when ours was born Daughter, and many long walks, on which I also took my photo camera, I realized that Dortmund is much more than football, industrial romance and shopping! Since I wanted to share this knowledge with others, I have in addition to my family -Reise-BLOG (www.shurupchik.com) now launched my second project: Ichwohnehier.com is about life in our city!

The corona pandemic contributed to the fact that the blog became very intense: When we were in lockdown with our two small children in March 2020 and no longer had the opportunity to travel, we wanted to make the best of the situation. And started with bike excursions in the Dortmund area. So it all came together. With my blog I want to motivate families and residents of Dortmund and show that the beautiful doesn't necessarily have to be far away. Sometimes it is enough to go to the front door and open your eyes. Of course, it always works a little better when the sun is shining. "

Dortmund surprised. You:"Which neighborhoods / districts in Dortmund do you like best?"

Alexandra Kryaneva: "That is a difficult question. I think the Kaiserstraßen- and Kreuzviertel are very beautiful - both quarters have a nice ambience and great architecture. We live in the Saarlandstraßenviertel and I like it here very much. Our excursions also give me other nice ones Got to know the corners of Dortmund: the garden city, Schönau, Grevel, Aplerbeck, the village center in Brechte, the old colony Eving, the corner around the Nordmarkt - there are so many corners in Dortmund that I find beautiful! the Emscher-Weg and the route on the Dortmund-Ems Canal are great. "

Dortmund surprised. You: "What surprised you the most in Dortmund?"

Alexandra Kryaneva: "I was surprised how proud the Dortmunders are of their city! And that there is so much to discover in Dortmund and the surrounding area. From the outside you can always hear the prejudice about the gray Ruhrpott - that it is green and beautiful here, most of them don't know. "

Dortmund surprised. You: "What is there in Dortmund that is nowhere else?"

Alexandra Kryaneva: "Salt cake would be my first thought. But I think the people and the“ Dortmund-style ”are admirable!"

Dortmund surprised. You: "Your ultimate excursion tip in the Dortmund area, which is also possible despite Corona?"

Alexandra Kryaneva: "Süggelwald and Grävingholz are wonderful for a nice excursion - even in spite of Corona. Cycling or walking around the Dortmund-Ems Canal is also a great idea. The Lanstroper See nature reserve is worth a visit, as is the Bittermark city forest. But Rombergpark and Bolmke are also great. As I have already said, I cannot decide on a location - there are simply so many great places in Dortmund! "