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Human search engine for making money

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Emeryville, California (pte008 / 09/04/2006 / 10:54) - The social search site is now offering Internet users the opportunity to earn money. The human search engine pays people to answer other surfers' questions. As a so-called guide who searches the Internet for websites that provide answers to certain questions, you can get up to ten dollars per hour at In addition, each guide can invite other users to act as guides and thus increase their earnings. Because according to ChaCha President Brad Bostic, the Internet service throws ten percent of the income of "invited" employees on the recruiting guide.

There are four different levels of human searcher: apprentice, professional, master, and elite. The guides can use user ratings to develop a reputation for themselves, depending on how their searches are rated. In addition, an index of all answers that have already been given is created on the website, which can be accessed again later. The social search service is supposed to work very simply via chat. An internet surfer asks a question, the guide answers in a chat window with a link containing the requested information.

The search service is free and already has 2,500 busy guides. is financed by advertising that appears next to the search results. The human search engine offers an alternative to traditional services that display their results by keywords. According to experts, more subjective and complex questions and answers are possible via such a social search. While with other similar search services, such as Yahoo Answers, any random person provides the information, with ChaCha only a single guide is responsible for a question. According to Bostic, the fact that the guides are paid for their work would be reflected in the quality of the answers.

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