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Karl Karner. Art that attracts

He continues to expand the boundaries between visual and performing arts - until they disappear.

You deal with sculpture, installation, painting, performance and, more recently, with stockings. What is your main focus?
My focus actually varies all the time. Everything is also mutually beneficial, each work the other. Different ways of working require different approaches. The work process in a foundry with heavy materials is very physical, drawing, on the other hand, is easier by hand. A body in the performance, on the other hand, requires a completely different handling than an object. There are also a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, bronze and now nylon.

How do you create a work of art?
My approach to art is always a playful one. For me, sculptures are like construction kits, they are combined with one another depending on the current situation and thus arise in the process. My drawings are also strongly characterized by spontaneity and childishness. They flow from my hand and often embody the inner state of mind.

KS positive, your pantyhose label, has been around for about a year. How come?
I questioned the art of tattooing. For me it is a bit cumbersome. Since it is a lifelong decision, there is usually eternal thought before deciding on a motive. With KS positive, art doesn't have to stay on your skin forever. Life is steeped in change, as a person one changes again and again and fashion can reflect this upheaval much more easily. In addition, I didn't want to stay on paper or on the wall when I was drawing. Since I also do performances, I want to get the work of art moving and see how people rediscover it and combine it with clothing. In the end, you become an art object yourself.

What are the advantages of living and working in the country?
I need a lot of space to work and the country offers me that. I've found a process that allows me to function perfectly. Foundries, locksmiths and joinery are within reach. Working in halls up to five meters high enables me to think in completely new dimensions. The rooms and machines that are available to me here have an enormous influence on the finally finished work of art.

How are your collections created?
My drawings form the basis for various series. The tights are then produced by hand using screen printing in Vienna. For each color, and if it is only a single point, a separate sieve is made. The production is therefore very complex. Through cooperation with artists*Inside, the brand is constantly evolving.

Karl Karner

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