How often do you search Craigslist

What is actually: ... the Craigslist?

Never heard of the Craigslist? This website is much better known in the Anglo-Saxon region than we are. Every month over 30 million users look for a job, an apartment, information or whatever on this “black board”.

The inventor Craig Newmark started the offer in 1995 for his circle of friends; as an e-mail newsletter with tips for going out in San Francisco. Since then he has expanded the Craigslist into a huge information platform for offers and information of all kinds. These can be found via a search engine or a thematic and geographical breakdown. The company earns its money with job advertisements in the USA for a fee between 25 and 75 dollars.

The Craigslist is impressive. In Switzerland, a Craigslist only exists for the cities of Zurich and Geneva. There is also comparatively little life in here. If you take a look around San Francisco or New York or London or Berlin, you will recognize the huge potential. It will be interesting to see if and when it will prevail here.

- the Craigslist Facts Sheet
- above 450 cities run a craigslist
- just straight 25 people work for Craigslist (in San Francisco)
- The Craigslist Foundation supports non-profit NPOs in their work
- Bought in 2004 eBay 25% of Craigslist stock
- the Craigslist on Wikipedia