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Facebook releases Platform SDK 9 and other updates for SDKs

Facebook has released version 9 of its software development kit (SDK) as well as other updates for the platform SDKs. The company has also announced that it will begin marking all SDK versions below version 9.0 as deprecated. Developers are encouraged to migrate to the current version. The Facebook SDKs provide helpful analysis functions and are used in app development.

The updates contain a new restricted mode (Limited Login) for the Facebook login. The limited login mode introduces protective measures that are intended to prevent the login of a user via an iOS app from being used to place advertising or to measure advertising success. In addition, Facebook is discontinuing the automatic initialization of the Read Library. Previously, all Facebook Platform SDKs were automatically initialized on startup.

Changes to the release cycle

With the update of the platform SDK to version 9.0, Facebook would like to start marking all previous SDK versions as obsolete in the next two years (until January 19, 2023). If the goal is achieved, the earlier versions of the SDK are overridden. The company recommends that users switch to the current version as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Facebook announced that in future all new major versions would be geared towards annual releases in order to be able to adapt the SDK version numbers to the latest version of the Graph API. Smaller updates are still planned - if necessary, a major version can be published outside of the cycle.

End of support for React Native Wrapper

The company announces the end of support for its own React Native Wrapper around the SDKs for Android and iOS. The current version of the project moves to the Facebook archive. Facebook recommends that the community split (fork) this repository into a new project so that the community can continue to maintain it. Support for React Native continues and is not affected.

More information about the new features can be found in the post on the blog "Facebook for Developers".


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