Is it wise to repeat 11th grade

11 repeat class?

It is not wise to repeat voluntarily. You don't even know what can happen in the repetition year. As you have already written, the material could change. I was forced to repeat myself and therefore know from experience that you have to learn despite the year of repetition and that it wasn't 100% the same. In some subjects I was even worse than in the regular year before.

There are other negative circumstances that can suddenly arise, such as a long illness, serious accident, i.e. a longer stay in hospital, divorce of the parents, i.e. family problems, financial problems, the girlfriend broke up, bullying in the new class, bad new teachers, etc. Then it is no longer 1.5 or 2.1 but will I even manage to graduate you understand?

In addition, the 11th grade is only an intermediate class as far as I know. No pig will later be interested in an intermediate class as soon as you have your technical diploma and later an apprenticeship or study. The grade point average, i.e. NC, is only relevant for the final certificate. There are also ways out of doing this. As long as you have the Abitur, you can also study with us in Austria. We don't have an NC.