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Meditation when best

Meditation when is best? It is important to meditate daily and it could be said that the best time is when you actually meditate.

Meditation when best

It is important to meditate daily and it could be said that the best time is when you actually meditate. There is no point in imagining that it would be best to meditate at a certain time, but then you basically feel unable to do so at that point in time. In fact, the ancient yogis say that Brahmamuhurta would be best, in winter time it would be between 3:30 and 5:30. According to some traditions, until 6.30 a.m. In summer it would be an hour later in summer time. But for most people this is not the best time, because you also have to sleep and in the west you typically go to bed a little later and do not have an afternoon nap, which was common and necessary in ancient India when it was over 40-45 Degrees Celsius is. Then all you can do is lie down if there is no air conditioning.

Meditation - When is the best time to do it?

It depends on your temperament and your daily routine. You could say the larks, the early risers, are best at meditating early in the morning. So if you can get up early in the morning, get up early in the morning. Of course, getting up early in the morning also has the advantage that little can come in between. The boss will seldom say: “You can come to the office tomorrow at 6:00 am instead of 9:00 am.” But he can say that you should come 1-2 hours later tomorrow. Your partner won't say either: can we have a romantic morning at 6 a.m. tomorrow? It is more likely that this will be the case more in the evening. So for you, if you are a lark, someone who likes to get up early, the best time to meditate is in the morning.

On the other hand, if you are an owl and have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, then it is better to meditate in the evening. It's also quiet late in the evening and after 11 p.m. no boss or anyone else will say that you should do something else. If you are a late person, the evening is the best time for meditation. 20% of people are larks, 20% of people are owls. And around 60% of people can adapt, depending on what is required.

But early mornings and late evenings are not just good times for meditation. Suppose you take the bus or train to work. Then you can meditate on the bus or train. For example, if you have a 20 minute commute to work, you can set your smartphone or iPhone to the time when the meditation has to end so that you don't have to worry about when you have to return to normal consciousness and you don't miss a stop. Most of the time in meditation you will come out of meditation exactly a few seconds before the alarm clock or timer goes off, but set the timer anyway and then meditate for the time. You don't necessarily have to meditate cross-legged or kneeling. You can also keep your feet down and lean on. If you regularly take the bus, train, or subway, this is a good time to meditate.

When is meditation best?

When you are on the bus or other means of transport. Or whenever you have to wait somewhere. Some people also love to meditate during their lunch break. Sometimes it is enough to eat in the morning and in the evening and you can meditate during the lunch break. Assuming you are someone who has to eat 3 times a day, then that may not be possible. Some people love to meditate after work so that they have a positive state of mind in the evening, which benefits the relationship and the children or the parents in need of care. So even after coming home, meditation is good too.

When is meditation best? - Then when it suits you best. Some also ask the question, especially those who practice yoga and meditation: Pranayama, Asana, meditation - in what order should you do it? When is the best meditation? Some people love to do the asanas in the morning to get going and then do the meditation and pranayama in the evening.

Others love doing pranayama in the morning to get energy, then meditation to get a clear mind, and then asanas in the afternoon or evening. Others love to do all three practices in a row. If you practice in the morning and get into meditation well, you should start meditation in the morning. If you find it difficult to fall into meditation in the morning, it is good to do asanas or pranayama first and then practice meditation. If you practice in the evening, it is good to do meditation as the final spiritual practice.

Meditation - What Life Cycle Is It Best In?

It is suitable at any time in your life cycle. Meditation is best when you get the interest in it. Teenagers can meditate. Children can meditate. Young adults can meditate. Middle-aged people can meditate. Retirees can meditate. And even bed-bound patients in retirement homes can meditate too. Basically, don't wait.

Meditation is good for you no matter how old you are and no matter what situation you are in. Some people say: "I will start meditating when ... .. - my children are out of the house - I am retiring - my children are only five years old, etc." So you always postpone it into the future.

Today is the best day. So don't postpone meditation. Meditate every day. Your life will be so much better. If you want to know how you can learn meditation and which meditation techniques are available, go to our website of Yoga Vidya.

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