What is educational teaching

Ten good reasons for students to choose education

1. Education classes have something to do with you and your life! You learn how to go from child to adult, with everything that goes with it. You learn to observe the changes in your own thinking and feeling, to grasp physical, affective, mental and moral maturation processes and to understand what happens to you and how you can deal with your own development.

2. In the pedagogy class you think about key questions in your life! You learn something about the development from (young) person to (old) person. It's about partnership, family, forms of living together, generally about interpersonal relationships!

3. In pedagogy lessons you will acquire central knowledge from the areas of educational science, sociology and psychology, which can be specifically useful for you and your personal situation!

4. In pedagogy you will learn to get along better with other people and to understand other people (and yourself) better! You can find out everything you need to know about the basics of dealing with people - and how you can use them to better cope with everyday life in school, at work, in family and with friends.

5. In the subject of pedagogy, you deal with educational fields in which you have already gained a lot of experience and will still gain it: family, school, circle of friends, possibly youth groups, etc.!

6. In pedagogy lessons one works theoretically and practically, and the experience and knowledge gained in lessons can be used directly to improve pedagogical work!

7. Pedagogy classes prepare you for a broad educational professional field, but you also acquire knowledge and skills that you can apply in all professions in which you work with people!

8. In the pedagogy class you will learn how to deal with children. You learn everything you need to know about children today. You understand how to understand children and you learn to support children. Thus, pedagogy lessons can also prepare you for your future mother or father role, for example!

9. In pedagogy you will learn how to learn properly! You learn something about the basics of learning, how to make learning processes sensible.

10. Pedagogy lessons help you understand why you have become who you are! But pedagogy lessons also open up perspectives on how to change and follow new paths in life.

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