What does prednisolone treat

Use cortisone properly and avoid side effects

Cortisone tablets are used, for example, in many different chronic inflammatory diseases to treat relapses - especially when other measures are not enough. These include, for example, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases such as and. Cortisone tablets are also used to treat allergic reactions.

In tablet form, side effects can be more severe than with topical or topical use, as it then works throughout the body. The risk of side effects depends on the active ingredient, its dosage and the duration of use. With short-term use over a few days up to a maximum of two or three weeks, it is assumed that serious side effects are rather rare. But even then it is important to only treat for as long as necessary and to choose the lowest effective dose. Long-term or repeated use increases the risk.

It is also important not to stop taking cortisone tablets abruptly after prolonged use. At the end of treatment, the doctor sets a schedule according to which the dose is gradually reduced (“tapering off”).

Possible side effects with long-term use are:

Not every active ingredient triggers all of these side effects. The likelihood of developing a side effect also depends on whether you have other medical conditions. Some side effects are temporary while taking it, others can be permanent.

The risk of certain side effects can be reduced. The additional use of gastro-protective medication, such as stomach ulcers, helps prevent stomach ulcers. Regular check-ups, for example of blood pressure, blood sugar levels or bone density, can identify possible subsequent problems in good time. The best way to protect yourself from infections is to keep your distance from sick people. Before you do one, it makes sense to inform your doctor if you are taking cortisone tablets on a regular basis.

Since steroid tablets can increase or decrease the effects of other drugs, it is also important to tell your doctor what other medicines you are taking before starting treatment with steroid tablets.

Cortisone tablets are usually taken in the morning with breakfast - unless a different intake schedule has been specified.