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Why should you use an app to buy stocks?

If you trade stocks regularly, stock apps or stock market apps can be worthwhile for you. With an app, you can trade even when you are on the go. As a rule, you can do the following anytime, anywhere:

  • On the depot access
  • Courses check
  • Orders To give
  • Stop loss limits change
  • Markets analyze
  • over News and current events to stay updated

Exchange apps are available from many brokers in our Broker comparison and other financial service providers. The functions differ considerably in some cases:

Many stock market apps are pure market observation applications. You can only check prices, analyze charts and create watch lists. The broker apps in particular also give you mobile access to your depot. You can then mostly access all connected stock exchanges. Reputable trading apps go one step further and enable fast trading.

Who, on the other hand, will save money for the future or Shares for childrenwant to buy, shouldn't frantically buy or sell. Then it can even be positive not to have a stock market app and thus to keep calm.

The top 6 stock apps and their pros and cons

There are now a large number of reputable trading apps. We have the applications of the six largest and best broker examined more closely. In particular, we have chosen the Range of functions interested in a respective stock trading app. To in addition User experience We also took a look at the ratings in the Google Play Store to allow this to be included in the analysis.

Trade Republic App: Get an ETF investment in just a few clicks

Mobile stock trading is on trend. Even with the fairly new online broker Trade Republic there is a share app. If you are a customer, you inevitably need it: Because trading at Trade Republic is only possible via the app. Accordingly, it includes the entire range of the broker. Almost 8,000 stocks and ETFs as well as 40,000 are tradable Derivatives. According to the Trade Republic market model, these can be traded for a flat rate of 1 EUR for third-party costs.

The Trade Republic app is enhanced by a clear structure and a wide range of functions. (Source: play.google.com/store)

The app is straightforward at first glance. On the home page you will find all the important information, such as an overview of which investments you have made to date. You can use the search to find stocks or ETFs in which you can invest with a savings plan.

There it shows the big plus point of the app: For ETFs there is a comprehensive 300 titles Savings plan offer no fees, which is set up in just a few clicks. And for active traders, the app comes with features like Course alerts, push messages and real-time rates added. Overall, the app has the most important functions ready for every investor.

However, it is also easy and quick to use be careful: You could tempt you to deviate from a long-term investment plan and speculate. That it also no desktop version there is likely to be strange for one or the other investor. Nevertheless, the offer from Trade Republic is a serious trading app. The company has found well-known partners in BlacRock, HSBC and Solarisbank.

in the Google Play Store More than 18,350 users rate the Trade Republic share app with average 4.1 stars out of 5.0. We go along with this assessment and would only like a supplementary desktop version.


  • User-friendly design: the ETF savings plan in just a few clicks
  • Trade without commission possible
  • Missing desktop version
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flatex: Comfortable app with cutbacks in charting tools

As one of the cheapest German online brokers flatex one of the best-known providers in this country and also offers a share app with the mobile web branch. These are available for Android and iOS operating systems as well as for smartphones and tablet PCs.

Clear and intuitive to use: the flatex app. (Source: play.google.com/store)

Belong to the flatex next app multifunctional watch lists with various stock exchanges and a tool for Order estimate (cumulative purchase or sales prices). Are tradable, for example Shares, bonds, ETFs, certificatesand currency. All order types are available to you that are also available on the desktop. Touch ID ensures security.

The app does well in our test not least because the Free to use is - and that with extensive functions. Also the Clarity and the self-explanatory operation is a plus. This makes it very easy to find your way into trading the many available order types and trading venues. Especially as a beginner and passive investor, you will therefore find a decent overall package in the app that offers everything you need.

However, the app made compromises in terms of market information and watch lists. As a user, you have access to a charting tool, but the functions are limited. The platforms Trading Desk and flatex Trader 2.0, which go well beyond the functionality of the app, are missing in the mobile version. Anyone who makes use of these chargeable extra offers will get nothing in the app.

A good 2,400 users rated the flatex share portfolio app in the Google Play Store and obviously weighted the app's pluses more heavily than the negatives. The average rating was therefore good 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.


  • Easy to use and visually appealing
  • Essential functions are available
  • The app reaches its limits when it comes to watch lists and market information
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justTRADE: serious trading app with potential

The broker justTRADE has launched its own app available for iOS and Android operating systems. The broker should not be missing from the list simply because the free exchange trading is possible. And the app, which was only developed at the end of 2019, impresses with a good overall package.

The app has it all essential trading functions in a clear design. There is an overview of assets with a performance record and a current display of the portfolio. This is evaluated in real time. You also have access to an order mask including the display of open orders. JustTRADE customers can also use the app to make transfers.

The app is limited to essential trading functions, but the product range is more comprehensive. (Source: play.google.com/store)

A special plus point is the order implementation: For an order, the desired security is specified in an input field and selected from the list of results. Then enter the number of items and click the buy price or sell price button to get the current price from all available Trading venues a.

You can then use the offered course for a transaction. The quotes of all trading partners are requested in real time. So you do not have to first specify the trading center when placing the order, but first ask for the quotations of all trading partners at the same time and then choose the cheapest rate.

It suits justTRADE that the app offers all functions that enable the cheapest possible trading. Unfortunately, this means that slight compromises have to be made in other areas. Just like its counterpart in the browser version, the app only offers one minimalist trade offer. You can also tell from her that she is still very young. Here and there minor errors in the operation are corrected.

The justTRADE share app was only rated by a small number of users in the Google Play Store. The average rating was below average 2.9 stars out of 5.0. This is mainly due to the fact that there were some programming errors in the operation at the beginning. However, the depot app is constantly being improved and now offers a decent mobile version for investors who appreciate the advantages of the discount broker.


  • Good trading app for investors with small order volumes
  • Real-time quotes from all trading partners
  • The app is still in its infancy - but is constantly improving
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comdirect trading app: easy handling of all finances

Also the comdirect provides its customers (and interested parties without a comdirect depot) with a share app. These are available for Android and iOS operating systems.

In order to be able to use the full range of functions, you must be a portfolio holder and have activated your portfolio for online trading. Without a custody account at comdirect, you can only use a limited range of functions. This includes stock market information, push notifications for price alerts and lists of favorites. Who is a beginner or who is in front of you Custody transfer would like to empathize with the handling of the provider, this can be done free of charge comdirect model depot which can also be fully operated via the app.

The trading app from comdirect impresses with its clear design and extensive functions. (Source: play.google.com/store)

Users with a securities account can Orders grant and Securities search. Courses, news and a Charting tool with course data supply in real time are also included. The development of the custody account can be graphically followed in the comdirect share app. It is possible to sell securities directly from the custody account and Alarms in the chart to put.

All stock exchanges available at comdirect are linked to the app. OTC trading stands out as a particularly positive aspect (referred to as LiveTrading at comdirect). Buy and sell orders can be released via SessionTAN. The fact that you can easily access your current account with the codi app enables you to trade quickly and easily without cumbersome hurdles. Operation is also simplified by the customizable menu, so that you can put together your own trading toolbox.

The presentation and handling of the charts is in need of improvement, which is very limited with the comdirect trading app. Course courses can only be shown as a line chart. Although users can place alarms directly in the chart, there are not many more functions. Users search in vain for tools for chart analysis such as resistance and support lines. There is also no possibility of placing orders with lines in the chart.

The feedback from users in the Google Play Store is muted. With 1,200 reviews, the average rating is 2.3 out of 5.0 stars. But despite the shortcoming in terms of analysis tools, we find the app well implemented in the overall package. Above all, the connection with a comdirect current account, which is possible with the codi app, is a feature that contributes to convenient use.


  • Easy handling
  • Connection with the codi app simplifies the process of all private finances
  • But: analysis tools can be expanded
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eToro: Stock trading app with a focus on social trading

eToro is an international CFD and FX broker with licenses in different jurisdictions. The offer also includes an app for the independent Trading CFDs and Cryptocurrencies. Belong to app Real-time course data, Analysis tools and Depot overviews. A trading account is not absolutely necessary. Anyone interested can start with a demo account with 100,000 EUR virtual capital.

The unique selling point of eToro is the sophisticated social trading function. (Source: play.google.com/store)

In addition to the independent trading of CFDs, eToro is characterized above all by Social trading out. Competent investment strategies can be copied quickly and easily using the so-called social functions. On the CopyTrader Users can track the trades of other traders and, if they wish, have them automatically mirrored in their own account. Although eToro is not the only provider that offers a social trading app, it is one of the companies in terms of trading volume and number of users larger social trading platforms worldwide.

It is also positive that prospective traders first find out about a Demo version be able to familiarize themselves with the topic. Furthermore, eToro offers numerous deposit options, including PayPal.

Even if the app works very well overall, it's a bit of a shame that it does no telephone customer service who can help quickly if something does not work. You also notice that the app is heavily geared towards social trading. What is a great advantage for fans of social trading becomes a disadvantage for everyone else. Because the other functions are somewhat limited by this focus. Professional traders should look for another reputable trading app.

In the Google Play Store, a good 56,500 users rate the eToro app and give it an average rating 4.2 stars out of 5.0.


  • Clear and easy to use
  • Limited offer in classic retail
  • Ideal app for social traders
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Risk notice:

finanzen.net App: The amount of data is at the expense of clarity

The finanzen.net app offers extensive Course data, analysis tools and Depot overviews. The evolution of the values ​​of DAX, TexDAX and Dow Jones shows them in real time: As soon as a stock is updated, the value flashes briefly. One of his own News area addresses the founders of the development of the financial market. Users also see recommendations for entry or exit and can then Place orders.

The finanzen.net app shows extensive value developments and has news about it. (Source: play.google.com/store)

Overall, the finance portal finanzen.net impresses with an extensive range for analysts and attentive market observers. This is exactly what the app offers. However, this differs only marginally from the desktop version and does not add any additional functions or simplifications in operation. The large number of data and analysis functions is somewhat at the expense of clarity and ease of use. In this point, the app can be expanded so that the advantages of a mobile version can be fully exploited.

The app is a good solution for traders and analysts who do not always want to open the browser. However, it doesn't offer much more than the desktop version. More than 26,500 Android users rated the app good 4.2 out of 5.0 stars.


  • Extensive data for analysis
  • Own news area
  • A lack of clarity is a minus point