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Easy updating of your ŠKODA infotainment system

Navigation data

The last update was in June 2020, the next update is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2021. The respective versions cannot be saved on an SD card (Amundsen) at the same time. If necessary, please order another original navigation SD card without content (5L0 051 236BE - 32 GB for MIB II) from your ŠKODA partner. The SD card for the navigation systems of the first generation (MIB I) must be formatted and the size of the allocation unit must be set to 4096 bits when formatting. Updates for the navigation systems of the MIB III generation (SCALA, KAMIQ and all models from MY21 - except Fabia) are updated quarterly free of charge by the system itself online. For conditions, see vehicle operating instructions. Details The maps are usually updated twice a year, other software updates such as Bluetooth, SmartLink or radio station logos depending on availability.

Map Creator

Is your navigation system showing incorrect data?

You can help us to improve the quality of our maps by providing us with error messages and missing roads on the map. Only then can we adapt the data and increase the quality.

Other software

The other software is also part of your ŠKODA infotainment system. With its regular update you ensure optimal functionality, thanks to which your trips are safe and comfortable at the same time.

The Bluetooth update ensures the trouble-free connection of your mobile phone with your ŠKODA infotainment system. (If the device works properly, there is no need for an update. In the event of a problem, please use the previous version.)
The regular update of the radio station logos enables you to always have the current logos of your popular regional and national radio stations and the logos of new radio stations available.
Regular updating of the MirrorLink function guarantees compatibility with the latest applications in your mobile device. (Note: the MirrorLink function is chargeable)

It's easy

Map Update Operating Instructions (Note: The operating instructions are in English)

frequently asked Questions

By regularly updating the navigation maps and other software, you ensure that your radio and navigation system works optimally and is compatible with the latest mobile devices.
The applications on your mobile device are subject to continuous technological development. This is why you can ensure that your radio and navigation system are updated regularly so that you do not lose compatibility with your device. To get the current logos of your favorite radio stations and the symbols of new stations, update the station logos.
This can be done with a tool from the online map service and navigation program HERE. It provides the map documents for the ŠKODA brand navigation devices. The HERE Map Creator tool can be downloaded here:
The older ŠKODA systems were not designed for updates. Therefore the original version is kept.
Navigation maps are updated twice a year. Other software updates (e.g. Bluetooth, MirrorLink ™ or Radiologos) are updated irregularly if necessary.
The Mirrorlink ™ system allows apps from a compatible smartphone to be displayed and controlled on the touchscreen of the radio and navigation system. This enables music to be played, communication via social networks and route guidance via navigation.
The Blues music system is not listed as a supported device because it has no features that need to be updated.

Leave the update to your service partner

If you have any problems with the update, please contact your local ŠKODA partner. (Note: The update from your ŠKODA partner is chargeable and is charged according to their hourly rate.)