Is married life easy

Every beginning is difficult: these are tips that newlyweds give to newlyweds

There is a magic inherent in every beginning, but once it is gone, the real hard work comes! Working on the marriage and above all to yourself. Yes, a harmonious married life doesn't just happen ... Spouse know before it matters and give newly wed couples these Tips:

Respect comes first: A love can only continue to shine if respect is never lost. Always treat your partner the way you would like to be treated yourself - even if he or she may be unnerving. If couples lose respect in dealing with their beloved spouse, love will eventually be lost ... And then there is no turning back.

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Discuss everything openly with one another - Photo: Melanie Pierre

Communication is important: Yes, good communication can work wonders in a relationship. You have something to tell yourself, share your innermost feelings with your partner and openly clarify your needs, fears and disputes. If communication works, so does marriage - for a lifetime. Anyone who remains silent in marriage or even swallows needs or anger breeds marital problems.

Passion as a sign of affection: But sex is also a particularly important issue in marriage - and good sex at that! Those who continue to stir up the passion and always come up with something new and thus make the eroticism varied, have a more intensive bond with their partner in everyday life. And besides, it is healthy and makes you happy!

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Set common goals: Now that you are officially a small family, you can begin to set common goals and plans for the future. It doesn't just have to be a house or offspring - the next travel destinations, home design or job changes can now be your turn. Forge these wishes together, because this is the only way you can also know what your spouse expects from your future together and disappointments do not even arise.

Use quality time: If you work a lot, you also have to make conscious use of the “quality time” with your spouse - even if there is little time left to do so. Do nice things together in your free time, which both make you happy and which will also be a topic of conversation afterwards. This not only keeps you vital and stress-free, but also your marriage.

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Take the first step after an argument - Photo: Flickr

To make the first step: Arguments are simply part of a passionate marriage! And a good thunderstorm can clear the air again. Make sure, however, that the argument comes to an end quickly and, if necessary, you take the first step towards your stubborn partner. You will quickly notice that reconciliation is much nicer and that you can appreciate your beloved partner again.

Don't forget small tokens of love: It is said that small gifts keep friendship alive! And that goes for marriage too. Treat your spouse well and give them a little attention from time to time, even for no reason, to show them that you have thought of them. Or surprise him with a wonderful gesture or favor. There are many ways to express your love and appreciation!

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