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The history of the smartphone

Believe it or not, the history of the smartphone began more than 20 years ago: As early as 1993, IBM launched the first so-called smartphone. A lot has happened since then: Nowadays very few can imagine a life without a smartphone. AppYourself shows the most important milestones in smartphone history.

1993. IBM presents the first smartphone: the IBM Simon. Almost 15 years before Apple launched the iPhone. Even back then, mobile phones had a touchscreen and an e-mail function. Of course, the technology cannot be compared with today's smartphones, but the foundations of smartphone history have already been laid.

1996. The "Nokia 9000 Communicator" can already display HTML websites - the next attempt to establish the smartphone. For the first time it is possible to send faxes while on the move and even mobile internet access is built in.

2000. The term “smartphone” is coined by Ericsson's “R380”. It combines the functions of a PDA (personal digital assistant) with those of a cell phone and even fits in your pocket. In addition, the first devices are available that are equipped with a real touchscreen.

2002. Research in Motion (RIM) is making smartphones accessible to a wider public with the first BlackBerry.

2005. Google takes over Android, a company that has existed since 2003.

2007. The iPhone hits the market. Almost eight years ago, Apple brought out what was supposedly the "first smartphone" with its iPhone and triggered a smartphone wave. Although the first generation of the iPhone is far from being technically mature, the iPhone has been sold over six million times.

2008. The introduction of the "App Store". A sensation. The App Store enables users to customize their smartphones to suit their needs. Finally, at the end of the year, the first Android smartphone will hit the market.

2009. The HTC Dream from Google comes onto the market in Germany. It is the first mobile phone with the in-house software.

2011. Smartphones already contain pretty much everything you could want: good looks, large screens, powerful processors and cameras. For the first time ever, smartphone sales outweigh traditional cell phones.

2014. Apple brings the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus onto the market and trumps with its Apple Watch. Amazon is also launching its first smartphone, the Fire Phone. 30 percent of the population now have a smartphone. Ascending trend. Apps have become normal: there are currently around 40 to 50 apps per smartphone user. Apps have become as important for companies as their own website.

Outlook: An app is more important to a company than a website when it comes to communicating with its customers. An app for iPhone or Android is downloaded from the App Store and the user can immediately - unlike on a conventional website - take action.Internet use is increasingly shifting to smartphones, and users want flexible access to information while on the move."Smartphones are already the focus of digital life: we pay, plan and book with them," said BITKOM board member Schulte-Bockum. A mobile presence is extremely important across industries for companies of all sizes. Whether it's a restaurant, retail trade, driving school or insurance company - every company should know that purchasing decisions are increasingly made after customers have used their smartphone for information.

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