What is the most expensive mobile app

These 6 iPhone apps are absurdly expensive

By Thomas Porwol | September 14, 2017, 5:23 pm

There are apps for the iPhone for which you have to pay over 1000 euros - but what kind of programs are these that cost more than a complete iPhone? TECHBOOK presents six absurdly expensive apps.

How much would you be willing to spend on an iPhone app? 5 euros? 10 Euro? Or maybe even 20 euros? Everyone will have their own standards of what an app or a game on the iPhone is worth and what their own budget allows. But over 1000 euros? Yes, apps for this price are actually available in the Apple App Store.

TECHBOOK went looking for the most expensive apps.

iVIP Black

This app is only for millionaires - and that's not an exaggeration: you get the insane price of 1099.99 euros paid for the iVIP Black app, iVIP membership also requires proof that you have assets of more than one million dollars. If you have the necessary change, iVIP promises appropriate VIP treatment with concierge service, guest lists for exclusive events and upgrades in luxury hotels.


This app is only 9.5 megabytes in size, but still costs a hefty price 1099.99 euros: The CyberTuner app is a professional piano tuning app that promises maximum precision when tuning the piano strings and comes with a rather staid look. CyberTuner also offers an additional annual subscription for 89.99 euros - and that is also necessary, because this is the only way to activate tuning for all 88 tones.


TouchChat wants to give people a voice again: This app is aimed at everyone who has problems using their natural voice. Be it because of a stroke or diseases like ALS. With the help of TouchCat, you should be able to enter what you want to say on the smartphone via a colorful keypad and thus compose sentences on the smartphone.

This version of the app costs stately 329.99 euros, but there is also a lite version that is significantly more affordable at 10.99 euros.


This app also comes from the medical field: For 599.99 euros, dentists with DDS GP Yes! a tool that allows them to explain procedures and treatments to patients through videos and demonstrations. It is intended to help patients better understand what kind of treatment they are facing and to make it easier for the doctor to explain complex issues.


This app is a bit strange because it doesn't cost around 1099.99 euros because its creators want to make big money with it - but so that nobody buys it. Because Ignition is the predecessor of the remote maintenance software LogMeIn and is now out of date. So that existing customers still have the option of downloading the app that they previously bought at a significantly lower price, the creators are keeping the app in the App Store - but have raised it to such a high price that no one buys it by mistake.


While the previous apps all more or less had their right to exist, it is now getting absurd - and also a bit deceitful: Because the Wheelburn app promises to be a game in which you can see the "best cars in the world" in a racing game with breathtaking 3D Graphics could drive. And that for absurd 299,99Euro. If you take a closer look, you can also see that the game has not yet received an update since the release in 2014 and is still on version 1.0.

Quite an obvious and bold attempt to pull the money out of people's pockets. And unfortunately it seems to have already worked: In the reviews of the app, users complain that they want their money back and one notes that the advertised 3D graphics are just a video that is played. So stay away from this app and just look - don't touch!

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