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Fischer relies on start-ups

The group will have to cope with a decline in sales in 2020 - but overall it is "significantly better than expected". Now one area is strengthened and one statement in the prognosis is remarkable

05.02.2021 | 10:15
The Fischer group of companies lost its grip on sales last year. No forecast is given for the current year because of "business unfriendly decisions". Photo: fischer

Waldachtal. The Fischer group closed gross sales last year with 872 million euros. In the previous year it was 887 million euros - although adjusted for exchange rates it was a precision landing: as in the previous year, 877 million euros were turned over. The group does not provide any information on the result.

Apart from such balance sheet details, they are generally satisfied: "Fischer has come through a challenging Corona year much better than expected after the first few months of 2020".

According to the announcement, the most important mainstay of the group continues to be the area of ​​fastening systems. Here sales were at the previous year's level. According to the balance sheet, this amounted to 655 million euros in 2019 and thus contributed 77.7 percent. The automotive sector also delivered a "stable sales result" - which should be a good 147.2 million euros or 17.5 percent.

The Group currently does not provide any information on the other business areas. The electronics subsidiary LNT Automation delivered declining sales of 20.3 million euros in 2019 and the toy branch fishing technology also declined by 8.5 million euros. There was no specific information about the consulting subsidiary in 2019 either.

The group prefers to draw attention to an area that was given a special room in May of last year: the "Fischer Innovations Campus" was set up in Klaus Fischer's former parents' house, where the group's start-ups and employees in general are a "creative environment to quickly bring new ideas and innovations to market maturity and success". In the past year, several unspecified young companies established themselves "successfully on the market". That is why the group wants to strengthen the start-up area in the current year and expand this "campus" concept at the international locations as well - in addition to the classic productions, which are also to open in Vietnam and Serbia in 2021.

Otherwise one withholds statements for the current year at Fischer. Or as the group puts it: "Because of the uncertain situation on world markets as a result of the corona pandemic and politically unfriendly decisions that make sustainable business more difficult, Fischer is not giving a forecast for the current financial year."

The Fischer group of companies goes back to the founding of a company by the inventor legend Artur Fischer in 1948 - a loom switch and electric lighters were the first products, followed by a synchronized flash for cameras, later a nylon expansion plug and the Fischertechnik construction kits. Today the group employs over 5,200 people in 50 companies in 38 countries. The products are exported to 120 countries worldwide.

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