Who is Willie Nelson's new wife

pop - Willie Nelson and his son Lukas - two albums for more humanity

The tenderness of Willie Nelson: When the 86-year-old country outlaw sings about riding to "a much better place", there's still a lot of soul in that voice of honey and flour. And of course the listener immediately suspects that Nelson is singing about his own finitude, the ride into eternity, in the title track of his new album "Ride Me Back Home". A harmonica simmers softly, a lap steel guitar strikes its sad bows, a piano paints notes that all sound like goodbye.

Willie Nelson wants a home for all tortured horses

But in the video you can see the horses and mules that the singer and songwriter grants bread of grace on his ranch, which is called Luck. He saved many of the 60 animals from the slaughterhouse. The song is specially dedicated to the chestnut mare Sergeant Reckless, the most decorated horse in US history that evacuated the injured in the Korean War. "I wish I could pick up all of your brothers and ride home with me," sings Nelson, the horse whisperer.

Its output is currently considerable. Six months after his Sinatra homage "My Way", one year after his "Last Man Standing", this album now comes over the pitfalls of age (the brisk "Come On Time") and lust (the bluesy "Seven Year Itch" ). On the Nelson expected (Guy Clark's “My Favorite Picture of You” reminiscent of Roy Orbison's “Blue Bayou”) and the completely unexpected (Billy Joel's “Just the Way You Are”) covered. He addressed the schunkler “It's Hard To Be Humble” of his Texan compatriot Mac Davis to President Trump, as he revealed to the American “Rolling Stone”: “Oh God, it is difficult to be humble / when one is perfect in every respect. "

Lukas Nelson sees salvation in simple, communal life

Nelson also plays on "Turn off The News (Build A Garden)", the new, fifth album by his second youngest son Lukas (30) and his band Promise of the Real (for some years also the live and studio band of Neil Young) . The record, rich in guests (Kesha, Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow), comes out just a week before the father's and offers a mixture of Tom Petty-esque Southern rock, soul and country.

Everything is pleasing, catchy, up to the languor of “Where Does Love Go?”, Where the ghost of Roy Orbison seems to have run into Lukas Nelson for just under four minutes. And from "Stars Made Of You", which sounds like Albert Hammond Sr. and his Californian sun folk pop. “Out in LA” begins with a stroll, with synthetic beats and ends with a furious guitar roll. Promise of the Real do rock’n’roll best. Nelson Jr. created a pretty garden with this album - full of colorful sound lumens, grasses and trees.

Father and son Nelson have a lot in common

Lukas Nelson's message: “Let your heart guide you through life.” Nelson sees salvation in simple life, he turns off the television, the apparatus of passivity, division and hatred and calls on his listeners to be more actively involved in society : "Turn off the news and raise your children / give them something to believe in / teach them to be good people / give them hope that they can experience." Love, peace, freedom.

To paraphrase the gardeners: the apple doesn't fall far from the trunk.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real: “Turn off the News (Build A Garden) (Concord Records) will be out on June 14th

Willie Nelson: Ride Me Back Home (Sony) is out on June 21st

By Matthias Halbig / RND