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Scarlet Witch finally in the MCU: That could await us after the finale of "WandaVision"

In the finale of "WandaVision", the heroine turns into Scarlet Witch. We'll tell you what its transformation means for the future of the character.

For a long time it was rumored how the end of "WandaVision" would go. The theories of fans on the internet had come thick and fast, and until the very end one hoped for a surprise appearance from a big star. But then it turned out very differently. Because the MCU series also dedicates the last post-credit scene to the existing cast. Not a disappointment for fans though, as the final scene promises a lot for Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) future as Scarlet Witch.

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Scarlet Witch - What's your future in the MCU?

It has long been no secret that Wanda's story is continued in “Doctor Strange 2”. What fans can expect from the reunion of the mighty superhero remains a secret. Fortunately, thanks to the post-credit scene, the series leaves a lot of room for speculation.

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Is Doctor Strange ready to help Scarlet Witch?

Finally you can see an astral projection of Wanda alias Scarlet Witch that Darkhold studies and is interrupted by the cries for help from her children Billy and Tommy. Maybe she's trying to get her offspring back in her next movie adventure. Maybe she needs the help of another powerful magician for this, could she visit Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)?

But would he actually help her? Most likely, after the end of "Doctor Strange" he will take the place of the elders as Sorcerer Supreme. So his main task would be to protect the earth. The return of Wanda's pseudo-children is probably not one of them. Even though the two have a lot in common, Strange takes his duties as a magician very seriously. So maybe he will reject Wanda? How will she react to that?

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Is Scarlet Witch part of the Avengers?

Since the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is full of surprises, Wanda's next appearance can take any direction. Perhaps she will return as Scarlet Witch and fight evil as an overpowering superhero. Perhaps she will go back to the dark side and end up having to be fought by Doctor Strange?

If Wanda returns to civilization, the first thing she will have to do is answer for all of her deeds. After all, she has captured and tortured countless people. Even if she didn't want to deliberately harm the residents of Westview, she did it anyway. S.W.O.R.D. or the subsequent secret organization and the government will not be able to simply ignore what is happening. As soon as they find out that Wanda has become even stronger, they may see her as an even greater danger.

Wanda will certainly not allow herself to be locked up by the government again - especially not if she has to be without a vision. So does she mess with anyone who goes against her? And does that include Doctor Strange? A fight between the two would certainly be exciting and yet we would prefer to see Wanda on the side of the good guys. We'll find out how Wanda's plot will develop from then on at the latest May 5, 2022, then “Doctor Strange 2” hits theaters. "WandaVision" Season 2 is not yet planned.

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