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News app: The 3 best free news apps in the test

Always informed despite a busy schedule: Only the right news app will help. We tested the best free messaging apps for Android and iOS for you. You can find our result here.

The world of news is now incredibly fast and unmanageable, as is the world of news apps. We help you to keep an overview and to find the tailor-made news app for your reading needs. That's why we've scoured the app stores for the best free offers for Android and iOS. Here you can find our top three in comparison.

1. News Republic - The trendy one

News Republic is a news app for a younger audience that sorts current topics according to your personal preferences. In addition to numerous articles from the online editorial offices of German and Austrian newspapers and weekly magazines, you will also find video offers and an overview of current trends. Once you've downloaded the app, you can get started without any major setup steps and select your preferred topics. This is what the rubric is for you consequences to disposal. Here you decide with a click which regional and national media from the areas Recommended, Politics, entertainment, Sports, world, Business, digital, health and cars are particularly relevant to you. From now on the app shows you under consequences selected messages in the news feed.

Another function of the News App is the overview of headlines, which you can find thematically categorized at the top of the screen. So regardless of which media you follow, you'll get the latest news from politics above Sports to cars or Video at a glance. Then there is the Search function. Here you can click on the magnifying glass symbol or topics Hashtags enter and then browse the news app. Articles that interest you in particular can also be easily shared with friends or saved to read later.

  • Clearly
  • No advertising

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2. Google News - The Global

Google News is the comprehensive app for news from all over the world. The application is aimed at a wide audience, is clearly designed and has a large number of reputable sources. You have access to national and international media and their freely accessible articles. The news app sorts the latter into four categories: To you, Headlines, Favorites and kiosk. In the category To you you will find a preselection of topics and headlines that you shouldn't miss. The top five news of the day appear here, followed by other relevant reports. Because the app can be linked to your Google account, the offer is pretty well tailored to you. In addition, of course, you are here too swell and chosen subjects as Favorites mark and thus narrow down your preferences. In combination a good product, which, however, can only be used in this form with the corresponding Google account.

You can also find it in the section kiosk fixed Categoriesthat you can browse: Von entertainment above Eat Drink up to News & Politics or. Science & Technology - Here, Google offers you a rich portfolio with which you are always and precisely informed. The category Headlines also plays general news feeds, sorted by Newest, Germany, world, economy, scienceand technology, entertainment, Sports and health. Finally, the app offers you a data-saving feature for on the go: About Settings>Play videos automatically the app can be set up so that video files are only played in the WLAN.

  • Large number of news sources
  • Serious
  • No advertising
  • Registration via Google account

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3. Feedly - The tailor-made one

Feedly is less of a classic news app than an RSS feed, and one of the most popular worldwide. This means a personalized news ticker that provides you with headlines and text cracks - directly in the app and without having to open the browser. Did you Feedly installed, you must first link the application to your Facebook or Google account. Then it is a matter of narrowing down your areas of interest and thus creating your individual, thematically arranged news feeds. These Feeds or tickers can consist of general topics such as the economy or be more detailed and contain news from the field of mobile communications or smartphones, for example.

The putting together of such Feeds works very simply. Either you enter the desired keyword in the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the screen or you choose to start with Feedly recommended categories. In this case, by clicking on the compass symbol, you will get to a preselection consisting of topics such as Tech, design, Marketing,economy, science, politics, IT security, comics, Sports, Culture and much more. If you decide on a category, the app lists relevant sources such as newspapers, magazines or blogs that you can select and use Feed let summarize. The Feed you can name and save as you like. From now on, when you click on the text symbol at the bottom left of the screen, the app will show you selected messages and posts on the desired topics and media. On top you also have the option to save articles and share them with your friends.

  • Full
  • Serious
  • Personalized
  • Operation only in English
  • Registration via Google or Facebook profile

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4. Conclusion - our test result

We don't have a test winner this time. Because all three tested news apps serve their purpose. Which one you choose depends primarily on your preferences. If you're more into entertainment and headlines, then this is NewsRepublic the right choice for you. The application is clearly laid out and free of annoying advertising. But because the entertainment format predominates, you will also find less serious headlines and sources here. Google News also dispenses with annoying advertisements and also offers a diverse, also international media portfolio. The application is suitable for well-informed all-rounders who value serious reports and a broad overview of the news situation. Feedly is the right news app for specialists who delve into a topic and always want to stay up to date.