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Intelligence Gujarati

Intelligence Gujarati: How can you use the German word, the German expression intelligence translate into the Gujarati language? The German word, the German expression intelligence can be translated into Gujarati with Intelijansa . German intelligence, Gujarati Intelijansa.

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Different spellings for Intelijansa

The Gujarati word Intelijansa is written in Gujarat in the Gujarati script, a script that is almost only used in Gujarat and that has developed from the Devanagari or Brahmi. Intelijansa looks like this in the Gujarati script: ઇન્ટેલિજન્સ. The Devanagari script is widespread in northern India. Intelijansa is written in the Devanagari script इन्टेलिजन्स. In the scientific IAST with diacritical marks one writes inṭēlijansa. Regardless of which font you use, it is always pronounced the same way. German intelligence Gujarati translation Intelijansa, ઇન્ટેલિજન્સ, इन्टेलिजन्स, inṭēlijansa

German intelligence - Gujarati Intelijansa

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The Gujarati expression Intelijansa can be translated into German with intelligence.

Intelligence German - Gujarati Translation Intelijansa.