Think of yourself as a nymphomaniac

What it's really like to be a nymphomaniac - Lina talks about her sex addiction, especially now in quarantine

I also have to admit that it can very well happen that I spontaneously cancel a date with friends if some guy comes along with whom I could end up in bed ...

Maybe that sounds stupid, but right now I'm really happy that I have a small group of 5-6 men that I can fall back on when I need sex. Some of them always answer and find time. So I don't have to look for something new and I know what to expect without being disappointed. But if someone somewhere, e.g. on Tinder, laughs at me again that I would like to have, then I would take that one too - for a new kick. Most of the time, it's guys that I feel like it might be a bit of a challenge to get hold of. Nevertheless, it shouldn't take too long, otherwise I'll lose interest. I love men who have something striking about them. Sharp cheekbones, a character nose, dark-haired, schnauzer. It doesn't matter if the body is not my thing, I go crazy with a Schnauzer.

How am I doing with my sex addiction now during the quarantine? I was probably saved by the fact that I was fortunately able to continue working relatively normally the entire time - Monday through Friday. I haven't lost my routine, God knows how I would have gone crazy otherwise. The only problem was that the others (legitimately) were much more reluctant to meet. Stupid because my lust doesn't stop at Corona either. Still, everything works out quite well. There is seldom a week in which I do not meet a man for sex - the very least would be once a week, but it also happens that there are four or five different people in a week. I would round it up to 25-30 sex times a month. My record was at a festival - I had to eight men in seven days sometimes two different ones came in one day.