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Would you like to contact the support of Instagram Germany and need the address or telephone number to report a problem or something similar? Then find out here how to reach Instagram from Germany.

There are different reasons why numerous Instagram users want to contact support. Sometimes it's about technical problems, sometimes the Instagram account has been hacked / blocked or there are problems with the Instagram login. As a rule, the Instagram team provides numerous suggested solutions for all sorts of concerns in its help section. However, this is not always helpful for every user and you would prefer to contact an Instagram employee directly.

Similar to the parent company Facebook, with the enormously high number of users, it is not always possible to contact a support employee directly via the company's address or a telephone number.

Instagram questions and answers

If you really want to contact Instagram about an urgent problem, you will certainly be disappointed. On the one hand, there aren't many contact options and, on the other hand, you often wait a long time - if you get an answer at all.

In urgent cases, it is definitely more helpful to browse the Instagram help forum or to post your request at the end of this post. So we or other visitors can try to help you with your request. Alternatively, you can also use the Check out Instagram questions and answers and ask your own question if necessary.

Instagram Germany address

For users from Germany in particular, it is certainly the easiest way to write to Instagram Germany. But if you look at the Instagram imprint from Germany, you will only find the following information:

Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland
Facebook Ireland Limited is a company registered under Irish law.

So you should write your concern in English or Irish and then it is still not clear whether you will get an answer at all. We therefore recommend that you do not contact us by post to the address given in Ireland. Unfortunately, there is no Instagram Germany.

Instagram phone number Germany

Just like finding an Instagram address from Germany, it is difficult to get an Instagram phone number because the company does not offer telephone support. Here, too, you will not get anyone on the phone in person and should rather use the extensive help page on Instagram. Alternatively, the company provides a fax number.

Instagram fax number Germany

If you come from Germany and want to contact Instagram about an urgent matter, you will find a fax number in the imprint that is not from Germany but from the USA according to the country code. It is questionable whether there will be an answer there and whether you will actually get the help you want. Again, we recommend looking around on the Instagram help page for suggested solutions.

If you still want to try to contact Instagram via the fax number, you can of course try.

Instagram fax number is: +1 650 543 5340

Instagram email address

In addition to the aforementioned options to contact Instagram, there is also an email address. According to some user reports, however, you wait a long time for an answer and sometimes nothing comes back. Mail that can be resolved via the help page will probably not be answered due to the high number.

Instagram support email address is: impressum (at) support.instagram.com

Contact Instagram via social media

The last option to contact Instagram could be through social media. You can try it on Facebook via the Instagram Germany fan page or via the international Instagram Twitter account.

So, those were the currently available options to contact Instagram from Germany. Neither the Instagram address nor the phone number would help you any further.

By the way, in the Instagram app you have the possibility to report a problem and the support answers quickly. If that does not help you, you can also use the forum in our forum Check out Instagram questions and answers and, if necessary, ask your own question about Instagram.