Pray for a lottery win

| "I prayed for my lottery win"

Wiesbaden - Wanted: lottery millionaire.

Last week, the Lotto-Gesellschaft Hessen hunted for a jackpot winner with a poster who had guessed six correct numbers on March 11th (3, 9, 12, 36, 46, 48, super number 8). Now she has found him: It is a woman from Wiesbaden, in her late 30s, a single mother of three children. What do you do with 7,423,584.20 euros?

The lottery queen, who wants to remain anonymous, in a BamS interview:

BILD am SONNTAG: How much did you use?

THE WINNER: I filled out a ticket with two boxes for Wednesday and Saturday plus additional lotteries. For nine euros.

Have you ever won anything before?

Yes, but I never got more than three numbers right.

Did you pray to win the lottery?

More than once. But when my car broke down three weeks ago, I specifically asked to win the lottery.

Why didn't you notice anything about the profit?

I only have my ticket checked when I have saved some money to be able to play again. But on Thursday I had an inspiration.

Then where did you finally find out about the hit?

In my point of sale. There they said that I had won more than 5000 euros and that these winnings would be processed through the headquarters. Then I became curious and compared the winning numbers with my ticket.

And then?

I howled like a castle dog!

How much money have they had to live on so far?

Of very little. Often I didn't know what to put on my children's school sandwiches.

What do you do with your profit?

I would like to use the money to finance my children's education. A house would be nice. And maybe a new car, a little BMW. But there is still time.

What do you give your children?

I definitely don't want anyone to know about our wealth. That's why I shouldn't really give them anything.