Why are so many YouTubers talentless

YouTubers with the music and movies

First of all, this should not be a “hate” article about any YouTubers who make music or (cinema) films. In the end, I don't give a shit who does what. And the article shouldn't have an eye on all YouTubers either. There are many out there who can make music. They are actors and suitable for the screen. But not everyone. Let's get to the article.

Lately, well - it's been like that for a long time, it's the trend of well-known YouTubers that they make or want to make music or (cinema) films. DieLochis, LionT, FreshTorge, Y-Titty - just to name a few examples. As I already wrote, there are enough out there that can. And just as many who can't but do it anyway. How so? Because they can. You have the appropriate range. This range is sufficient for collaborations with labels or film studios. You can reach thousands of fans. Mostly (children) adolescents.

I mean, I used to be a fan of a lot of things. If I got pocket money, I bought every piece of shit. And by that I mean all shit. Over time you grow up and when you think back to your childhood, you notice how much money you spent. If you had saved it, as you were always told, you would have had more of it.

But you were just convinced of something or you believed it was. What others said didn't matter. You were a child (adolescent) and it doesn't matter what the adults say. What does the mother know? She doesn't even know the subject. But prescribe something. But before I drift off the topic, let's move on to something else.

LionT recently released an album. The whole thing is called the lion child. The Limited Fan Edition costs 39.99 euros. 15.99 euros the Premium Edition. The album as an .mp3 edition costs 10.63 euros. Also here something in advance, I have nothing against him. Don't watch his videos. Only listened to the album for a few seconds - which you can get as a sample on Amazon. I'm leaving my opinion out here, actually it also reflects what you read Amazon about it.

Thank you, LionT!

Vera H.

Anyone who has ever had mice in their apartment knows the problem: unbearable rustling at night, gnawed furniture, holes in the house wall, no money for a renowned exterminator who could put an end to this thing.

For the unbelievably low price, which this fan box has certainly received in an absolutely fair and structured way, I was finally able to solve my supposed problem.

After putting on soundproof headphones and playing only two songs of this work of art, the previously empty mousetraps were suddenly all occupied. This can only be explained by the increased suicide rate of the mouse families, which could not withstand the pain of their bleeding mouse ears.

Nevertheless, I cannot and do not want to recommend this product to others because some roommates have notified the police, who then turned half of my apartment upside down with a state search warrant - believing that I had tortured the neighbors' children, which was caused by this acoustic rape (despite Headphones) was understandable.

Suitable for killing innocent animals, but not recommended due to the lengthy legal proceedings.

(P.S .: # I guess that Dagi has not yet thrown herself from the skyscraper despite her mouse capacity brain)

A mixture of kindergarten gullies and sewer

Vladislav Sidorov

When I heard the first songs from this brand new album by the high school rapper “Liont”, otherwise known only for children's songs, it was immediately clear to me: The likeable little fat man inspires the masses once again with the same talentless style that other artists such as ApeCrime and Die Lochis also use became known. The voice, which sounds crooked throughout the ear, is enriched with unthought-out and would-be-sweet-sounding lines of text, for which actual artists would not only have turned around in the grave - they would have blown up their grave with an atom bomb so that they would no longer be on the same earth have to live like Liont.

The album is suitable for all prepubertal adolescents under 13 who are not allowed to have had sexual intercourse in their lifetime. If there is a person to whom this does not apply, referral to the nearest sanatorium is recommended.

Musical low point in 2015


This album was made for a reason to make money from it. You can tell from the first second on the album.

Neither the musical level (beats) nor the rap technical level (flow, lyrics) was put even a touch of energy, love or knowledge.

What the listener is served is an interpreter who tries to achieve presence on a particular song with flat phrases and sucked-out sayings outside the beat, with an incredibly poor voice and a flow that is actually not worth mentioning.
But this does not succeed. Every line, every beat, every second of this album is not even interchangeable, no, it's unnecessary.

Liont is as far removed from tact as it is from acceptance in the rap scene. I don't even want to start with his voice, I just say “head against heart”. Apparently he didn't worry about using his voice more calmly on deep songs.

Conclusion: “Löwenkind” was born to sell itself. Everything in terms of content on this album is tailored to the target group of fans. Musically, however, what happens there has at no point in time even an approach of relevance. The best thing to do is to turn it off quickly and forget that it exists.

Three ratings each with one star. There are currently 261 more reviews. Only 24 reviews with 5 stars. 1.4 stars out of 5 stars from 295 ratings. Now you might say that the bad reviews come from haters. But if so, where are the 5 star ratings from the fans? Doesn't it have to be more than 24?

Relative to the start of the album, the hashtag #LenaWirSindBeiDir was also used. An alleged Germanwings crash victim was a LionT fan and a friend brought the hashtag into the media and into the top 10 most popular hashtags on Twitter. What was the result? A fan just faked the whole thing (as it currently looks) to get attention. Reaction from LionT? A tweet where you support the whole thing, nothing more after that.

As is so often the case with big YouTubers, something is “positive” that you participate in. If it is negative, you shut up and refuse to make any statement. On the one hand wanting to be a star, but not being able to or not wanting to live with consequences. But that's another topic and as I said, I don't want to attack a YouTuber with this article. Because I don't care what who does. I'm out of the age of jumping on any hype or having to think everything is good. I like to give my opinion, that's why I'm also a blogger.

But what I actually want to say with the article, some Youtubers - no matter how popular they are - think they can sing. But it can't. Disgrace yourself with it (who is looking forward to 263 negative reviews out of 295). But also sell their fans. Like to make videos on YouTube and think that I have to make a movie. Brother instead of bitch e.g. from DieLochis (to “have” someone else than LionT ...). Constantin Film now enjoys working with YouTubers. They are also behind Brother instead of Luder and other productions by / with YouTubers.

I mean, what's that shit anyway? I can't sing, but I don't make an album either. I like to write, but I don't work on a book. I like to watch videos (I don't come to do it), but I don't mean to become a director for a movie. So why do big YouTubers? Answer as above: you have the range for it. If they were like you and me and went to a label / film studio like they are now, everyone would laugh at them and throw them out the door.

Let's just say LionT can't sing. The audio samples on Amazon - they all sound the same. Same pitch, same beat, same jabber. What kind of music is this? Brother instead of slut. 16 year olds who make a movie. FreshTorge with the movie “Potato Salad”. No matter which YouTuber it's about, just looking at the titles, you have to think, what's the point?

There is no point in getting excited, as our parents, teachers, trainers and superiors told us. You have the reach. You take advantage of that. It's logical. But if you can't sing, you shouldn't make an album. If you can't make a film, you shouldn't make a feature film either. And if you do, you should behave accordingly. Nobody can say that he is not a star but a normal person. A normal person who goes to a label or film studio with titles like “Löwenkind”, “Brother instead of Luder” or “Potato salad” - would only get a potato salad in their face.

Oh what the heck, do what you want.