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"Godzilla: Singular Point" anime will be released on Netflix on June 24th

Netflix has a new picture for "Godzilla: Singular Point”Reveals the design of the title monster and announces the anime series, and will appear on the streaming platform worldwide on June 24th. Written by Toh EnJoe and directed by Atsushi Takahashi, the series revolves around a student and an engineer whose separate investigations mean that they are soon exposed to gigantic danger. They realize that they must come together to wage the battle against an unimaginable force that can mean the fate of the world. The series follows on Netflix ‘Successful yet divisive anime film trilogy, although it will have no ties to them.

Singular point”Was first launched in March Netflix and aired on various Japanese TV channels in April, but global fans have long been waiting for the series to arrive. With a story that brings things back in the near future and featuring iconic characters like Jet Jaguar and Rodan, the anime promises a lot of kaiju action with a few different enemies.

The streaming platform used theirs Netflix GeekedAccount on Twitterto give fans a glimpse of the iconic Kaiju's new design and its unforgettable atomic breath. Netflix It also announced that the anime series will finally reach global audiences on June 24, after first airing in Japan in March.

An unimaginable force may spell doom for the world. Godzilla Singular Point is available globally June 24th.

- Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) May 18, 2021