What makes Kyoto unique

Living in Kyoto: The Comfortable Way of Life

Formerly the capital of Japan, today a relaxed city with a multitude of shrines and temples; life in Kyoto is suitable for those with a more spiritual disposition. This city could be described as cozy, it has a lot of history to offer, the population is only increasing slightly compared to Tokyo and the inhabitants are generally very friendly and accommodating, despite the high number of tourists.

Let's take a closer look at what makes this city so special ..

Explore the area


Arashiyama, on the outskirts, is a place filled with the wondrous history of Japan. The area is full of traditional, well-preserved buildings and there is a lot to do: you can climb the slope and feed the monkeys, hike along the river to the temple, or through the Bamboo forest hike. In addition, there is nothing better than to end the day with Matcha ice cream and for kimono Stroll through the forest at the train station.

day trips

Living in Kyoto gives you the opportunity to see some great places in Japan in a day trip. Nara, Osaka and Lake Biwa are, for example, one of those places that you can get to quite quickly from Kyoto. Here you can stroll through the exciting and lively city of Osaka, take a leisurely stroll by the lake, or even more discover your spiritual side in Nara, with all the shrines and temples there.

Temples and shrines

Kyoto is known for breathtaking and unique temples and shrines and these alone are well worth a visit. From the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha with its 10,000 torii Gates that lead up to Mount Inari, all the way to Kinkaku-ji, the glittering, golden, Buddhist temple, which lies on the edge of a peaceful lake.


Gion is also a place where you travel back in time. The old geisha district is still full of traditional-style houses and teahouses for enjoying excellent tea. This place is also suitable for taking some great photos with all the buildings, the history and, last but not least, the people.

food and drinks

Even if the neighboring city of Osaka is better known for the food there, Kyoto has the best spots for cafes and bars.

Murmur Coffee

This cafe is great for learning Japanese after a tasty breakfast. It is located on the banks of the Takase River and has a relaxed atmosphere which is ideal for schoolchildren and students. Even the coffee cups were designed in cooperation with the students from the local university.

% Arabica

This is probably a different kind of cafe that is not really suitable for a break. The chain is currently still quite small, but is gradually expanding and already has a few offshoots in Kyoto. Here you are offered a good alternative to Starbucks and the coffee even tastes great. Note, however, that you will probably have to queue up here in the morning to meet your daily needs for coffee, but it's still worth it!


There is a street full of restaurants and bars along the west bank of the Kamogawa River. As soon as your Japanese is at the appropriate level, you can make great contacts with the local residents and practice your Japanese. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the nightlife in the best bars in town.

Beer Komachi

If you're more into craft beer, then Beer Komachi is the place to be to quench your thirst. This place is also suitable for families and to meet people if you are new to Kyoto.

Why you will love life here

Kyoto is the ideal city for those who prefer to have a leisurely life. With various temples, shrines and the river running through the city, this is the right city to enjoy the beauty of Japan in its entirety. You will also learn a lot about the history and religion of Japan and the city itself.

Here you will find a much more relaxed attitude towards life than in lively Osaka or busy Tokyo. Most people prefer to ride their bikes and you won't find a lot of skyscrapers here either. and there aren’t a huge amount of tall buildings. The extension of the city is limited by the mountains on both sides, so that it is easy to reach the rural areas.

The coffee scene in Kyoto is something special and definitely worth exploring the city's cafes, whether you're looking for a place to study or just want to relax. For a relaxed life there, we recommend that you also get a bike to get from A to B in the rather flat and not too big city.

Now that you know the best places to relax and study in Kyoto, you can prepare yourself for life in Kyoto!

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