What color of chalk is the best

Chalk paint test 2021

The best chalk colors 2021

Chalk paint not only has an interesting look, but also lasts for a long time.

Easily create a retro look or vintage furniture according to your taste. The colors also match the country house style. Chalk paints are ideal for wood, but can also be easily applied to other materials. Since chalk paints do not form a smooth protective film, the surface cannot tear as easily and the color remains longer.

High amount of chalk = high opacity

The best chalk paint covers well and is economical. A high proportion of chalk and a viscous consistency promise good coverage. An opaque chalk paint allows you to add your own structures to your furniture. Use a brush for this.

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The chalk paint should ideally have opacity class 1. This means that you can almost completely paint over the surface. Normally, however, a cheaper color with a low opacity is sufficient if you are working on walls or larger areas with the chalk paint. You can get cheap chalk paint online and in specialist stores, for example at Obi or Hornbach.

The range depends heavily on the surface

Beautify furniture and accessories with chalk paint.

Since opaque chalk paint is usually applied thickly, this is usually not very productive. You can therefore guess the coverage of the color based on the range given. Usually you can paint about 5 square meters with a 750 ml can.

The substrate is decisive for the productivity of the paint: Plaster of paris and rough wood increase the consumption of paintwhereas suitable substrates such as smooth, non-absorbent surfaces need less paint.

A few chemical additives are advisable for indoor use

White chalk paint always has water and chalk pigments as a base and can be diluted with water. However, many manufacturers mix chemical additives in their colors to make them more durable, robust and opaque and to achieve more beautiful vintage colors.

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In particular, paints for outdoor use are often enriched with volatile organic compounds. Pay attention to a proper declaration here. Gartentipps.com advises Paints with little or no chemical additivesif you use the chalk paint on walls, pieces of furniture or larger areas indoors.

Chalk color test: only one brand scored “very good”

Good to know
As the name suggests, the main component of chalk paints is chalk. This covers and adheres well to various surfaces and can be easily changed by adding pigments.

Stiftung Warentest still has no chalk color test carried out, but Öko-Test only published an interesting comparison of chalk colors in 2019.
Above all, the declaration was criticized: Often the range, ingredients and preservatives were not even on the labels. There was only one chalk paint test winner with the grade "very good": Yellowchair scored particularly well with the ingredients. In the tested color no. 32 no volatile organic compounds were detected as in the other chalk paints, which were also contaminated with problematic substances such as glycols and formaldehyde releasers.

Other popular manufacturers are Painting the Past, Rust-Oleum, Style Color, Bondex, Rügenfarben, Ann Sterling, Shabby Chic Colors and Lignocolor. And Obi's chalk paint is also popular. The special vintage colors are particularly popular.

Type of sealingadvantagesdisadvantage
  • makes the piece of furniture look warmer
  • protects against paint chipping and moisture
  • difficult to undo
  • weatherproof
  • quick and easy application
  • possibly contained chemicals

Wax makes the furniture look warmer

Use special wax to seal the chalk paint. If you want an aged or antique look, you should choose wax in a dark shade, for example black or wood tones. In conjunction with light or white chalk paint, the piece of furniture looks warmer.

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The sealing itself is quick and easy, but difficult to undo. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves! For sealing, apply the wax very thinly with a wax brush or a soft cotton cloth. To do this, put a dollop of wax on a plate or something similar so as not to contaminate the remaining wax.

Finally, you need the treated surface polish lightlyso that the wax layer optimally protects the wood from moisture and paint splinters.

Sealing with lacquer makes furniture more robust

Usually it is from every manufacturer a top coat that matches the color such as Painting the Past. Here you can choose between a matt or glossy finish. It is best to stir the varnish again before application to make the mixture smoother. Then apply the varnish to the surface to be processed with a brush or sponge.

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Apply two thin coats rather than one thick one. The previous layer should be well dried between applications. Once dry, the piece of furniture is weatherproof. It is best to protect yourself from chemicals with a breathing mask or work outdoors.

We at Gartentipps.com advise: tables, chairs or kitchen furniture should best be sealed with clear varnish, as this makes the furniture more robust and protects it from discoloration.

How do you apply chalk paint?

Depending on the desired result, there are different application techniqueshow to paint chalk paint on furniture or paint furniture. You can also use chalk paint for tiles and other materials.

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Application techniquedescription
Shabby chic
  • use a stiff, older brush or a pig bristle cleaver
  • apply the paint thickly
  • apply brush strips on purpose
  • With a finish wax or powder, the brush strips look even more accentuated
smooth effect
  • use a good synthetic brush
  • Apply paint not too thickly and in one direction
  • work briskly
  • if the color doesn't cover up, apply several thin coats
  • remove layers of oil and wax
  • dilute the chalk paint (the thinner, the more transparent)
  • apply thickly with a broad brush
  • Wipe off excess paint along the grain of the wood with a cloth
  • the longer the thinned paint soaks in, the less you can wipe it off

A wash creates a bleached effect on furniture made of wood, rattan and other materials.

You can find more inspiration and informative videos from the manufacturers on the Internet:

How long does the chalk paint have to dry?

Most of the time you can find one Rough time information on the packaging with the manufacturer's instructions. If necessary, you can apply a second coat of paint after just one hour of drying time. If you want to work on the surface further, for example by sanding, you should definitely wait longer and make sure that the paint is really well dried.

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The color should be eventhat have the typical rough and matt structure and do not feel cold.