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Brand yourself with Anna Sycik

Brand yourself - your own self becomes a brand

When you are not in the room, what are other people saying about you? People come to the fore here and that is exactly what personal branding is all about, because success needs a face.

Becoming a personal brand doesn't mean photographing your lunch every day and posting it online. It means a lot more fTo be known for topics, values ​​and knowledge. In addition to a professional appearance, personal branding is particularly aimed at credibility, authenticity and a unique position. It is not dazzled, because that comes to light quickly.

People buy from people and this principle serves yours Private label - regardless of whether they acquire an idea, a pitch or a service from you.

In our workshop you learn like you do Personal branding can use what it takes for your purposes and how you can present yourself online with your skills and qualifications.

The topics await you:

  • About the positioning as a brand
  • What is personal branding
  • Finding a strategy for the ICH brand
  • Show presence
  • Action plan
  • Best practice

For whom is the workshop suitable:

  • (Prospective) self-employed with a person-centered service
  • Managers / top performers in companies

Anna Sycik is a brand consultant and advises companies and the self-employed on brand development. Her heart beats for digital storytelling, business psychology and new work.

//Brand yourself - your own self becomes a brand with Anna Sycik
// When? October 12, 2019, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
// Where? PHH Rechtsanwälte, Franz-Josefs-Kai 1, 1010 Vienna
// How much? 30 euros, exclusively for Sorority members

Registration is now possible via email. The number of participants is limited to 15 - first come, first served!

* The registration period ends on 08.10.2019. If participation is not possible at short notice, we ask that you cancel by 10.10.19 at the latest. If the cancellation period is exceeded twice in a row by Sorority members, we have to suspend the possibility to register for the calendar year for organizational reasons.