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Chapter 33: I have to suffer

Again I stood in front of a door, but this time I knocked waiting for me to be opened.

"Jiyu. How are you? What are you doing here?", The redhead looked at me in surprise. I leaned against the door frame. The headache had passed after the conversation, but a trace of nausea was now my companion. At least the white-haired woman was gone.

"I'm fine ... well. I had a conversation with Pain." I swallowed hard as I thought of the sharp tone and those creepy eyes.

"What did he want from you?" Asked Sasori, looking worried. I shook my head to suppress the memory a little.

"He gave me a mission. I'm supposed to go to a village in the desert," I said.

"Why should you do that?" Sasori said, visibly confused.

"Because I freaked out because of this village yesterday." I looked directly at him and noticed how his concern grew.

"Then you shouldn't go," he said finally. I sighed.

"I guess I don't have a choice." I examined my feet. "You should go on a mission with me and Itachi too."

"That calms me down," he replied simply. I nodded.

"Tomorrow morning we go. Since Itachi is there I would set the start at half past ten.", I said and when he nodded I turned to go, then I paused. "Thank you, Sasori. Without you I would have given up yesterday and I would have done something terrible as well."

"You always think that you could do something for what happened to you. But you can't help it." I scowled.

"That actually only makes it worse." I smiled sadly at him. "I have no control over myself and my feelings when I'm in this sphere. Only Itachis Genjutsu can control me then."

"But theoretically it's a jutsu so you should be able to control it.", Sasori said. I looked at him slightly frustrated. "I just can't imagine that you should be completely dependent on Itachi."

"Oh, if you know anyone else with a visual genjutsu, you can introduce them to me.", I said. Then I smiled. "Actually, I'm glad it's Itachi. He ... is nice, at least when he talks. He takes care of me."

"Then I'm reassured.", A slight smile lay on his face. "I like you, Jiyū, and that's why I don't want to see you suffer."

"There is no stopping me from suffering at some point. I don't know how, but I will have to suffer and then there will be peace." I said calmly. Then I turned around and started running. "I like you too, Sasori, but try not to like me too much." I followed the corridor and stopped in front of Itachi's door. There I knocked and waited.

"Ah good morning.", Itachi said when he opened the door. He had his coat open and his hair was quite messy.

"There aren't any windows here, but I'm a thousand percent sure it's at least noon.

"Hn.", There he was again. This is the Itachi that I know. I quickly initiated him into the mission, then retired to my room.

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