Is pressure cooker good for cooking

Pressure cooker - advantages and disadvantages

If you want to cook quickly and, above all, gently and healthily, there is no way around a good pressure cooker. This form of cooking has a number of advantages, but also a few disadvantages.

Advantages of a pressure cooker

In addition to significantly shortening cooking times with a pressure cooker, you can also use it to prepare the food very gently. According to the "Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection", a quick head not only saves up to 70 percent time, but also saves up to 50 percent energy. The shorter cooking times not only save energy, but also money at the same time.

In a pressure cooker, the dishes are cooked in steam and are not immersed in the water. Most of the vitamins and minerals, but also flavorings, are retained in this way. The smells that normally arise when cooking are not distributed throughout the kitchen, but remain in the pot

According to the magazine "Eat Smarter", it is important that the food is cooked in pieces of the same size. If the ingredients are of different sizes, you will also need different cooking times, which can mean that some pieces are not yet cooked while others have already been overcooked.

Pressure cooker as an all-rounder

The pressure cooker is versatile. With the so-called tier cooking, you have the option of preparing a complete dish or several side dishes at the same time using different inserts. You can cook a wide variety of recipes, from fish and meat dishes such as goulash or roast to soups and stews. The preparation of light, bland or whole foods is no problem either.

In addition to normal preparation, the pressure cooker can also be used for juicing or for boiling vegetables, fruit and meat. Even defrosting frozen food is possible with this all-rounder.

Less dangerous than most people think

The fear that the lid will come off and the food will be catapulted onto the ceiling is no longer justified. As long as you pay attention to the correct handling, nothing can happen, although most manufacturers now offer pressure cookers that are equipped with an appropriate safety system. The ease of use has also improved significantly over the years.

Disadvantages of this form of preparation

A pressure cooker is relatively expensive to buy, but it pays off thanks to the energy-saving preparation. Otherwise, you should pay attention to the cooking times for the special saucepan, as the lid cannot be opened in between. You should also be careful when releasing the pressure.

A few minutes too long usually means that the vegetables are completely overcooked. The sometimes longer preparation times are also disadvantageous. The pressure cooker is not suitable for searing, as the appliance cannot brown the food. Depending on the quality of the pot, the seals in the lid may occasionally have to be replaced.

Pressure cooker - yes or no?

Some swear by these pots, others are difficult to convince of their advantages. If you pay attention to high-quality equipment when buying, pressure cookers are certainly a very good and healthy alternative to conventional cooking.