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Your options with the advanced technical college entrance qualification

In addition to an apprenticeship, you have the following options:

High school diploma

Perhaps your grades prevented you from getting the degree that you initially set in the last school year, or your current one is not enough for the education you are aiming for?

dual study

The dual course of study combines work in a company with the theoretical seminars and lectures at a university, i.e. a technical college, professional academy or university.


Have you graduated from high school and want to start studying? In the orientation phase, a lot of terms and information flow into you.

Voluntary service

Would you like to have some time before you start your professional life, would you really like to take a break abroad or just don't know yet what you would like to study?

AU Pair

Have you finished school and want to go abroad? Do you find life in a new family for a longer period of time exciting? Then just do an au pair year!


During an internship you gain practical experience, get an insight into one or more professions and get to know everyday work in the company.

foreign countries

Have you finally graduated from school and you really want to go abroad? Perhaps you have not yet been able to decide on a career and therefore have enough time to spare. When you are abroad, you can take a break from the stress of learning over the past few weeks.

Work and travel

Do you love to be on the go and are you always looking for a new adventure? Do you want to switch off after school, earn your own money and travel?

Subject-related higher education entrance qualification and technical college entrance qualification or also technical diploma and technical qualification are often used as synonyms for each other, but differ in important points. The Fachgebundene Hochschulreife and the Fachhochschulreife are higher educational qualifications and entitle you to almost all educational paths. Fachabitur or Fachabi are often used colloquially for the two educational qualifications. In all cases, the degree gives you the university entrance qualification, i.e. the opportunity to study at a university of applied sciences.

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University entrance qualification - general information for you

You obtain the subject-related higher education entrance qualification after a final examination at a two-year vocational college, technical academy, some vocational schools or vocational colleges. The certificate allows you to take all courses of study at a university of applied sciences that you would like to study. If you want to study at a university, the choice of courses is limited. Which course you can study depends on the specialization you chose during your school days. You can choose between the following areas:

So if you have a subject-related higher education entrance qualification in the field of social affairs, you can study social work at a university.

Practical and academic part of the technical college entrance qualification

For the advanced technical college entrance qualification, a school and a professional or practical part must be completed. For example, you can do the school part at a school such as the comprehensive school, technical college or vocational college. The professional part is done, for example, at a technical college in the first year through an internship. In some federal states, a six-month internship is enough to obtain the technical diploma. A completed training can also fulfill the professional part. At a grammar school, the school part of the advanced technical college entrance qualification is achieved in most federal states with the transfer to the 12th grade. The practical part can then be obtained, for example, through subsequent training. The degree entitles you to start studying at a university of applied sciences. In some federal states you can also study at a university with the advanced technical college entrance qualification, but you should inform yourself about this beforehand.