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Welcome to OrlandosIdee - Spices from the star chefs - Spices Online Shop since 2005 - Europe-wide supplier of exclusive spices, vanilla, saffron, spice mixtures and herbs and much more, for private customers, gastronomy and wholesaling since 2005.

We offer you a unique collection with over 200 exquisite products that have been selected after thorough research with regard to quality and origin. In our premium selection you will find other spices such as the Orlandosidee pepper, saffron 1 A Coupé, the Tahiti vanilla pods, spice mixtures such as the Japanese spice mixture Shichimi Tougarashi or the Moroccan Ras el Hanout for couscous. These and other spices are used by star chefs across Europe and are of excellent quality.

Go on a journey with us and discover our exquisite spices and spice blends. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of taste variations and be inspired to experiment with new spices. A single spice or mixture of spices in the right dosage can make a dish unforgettable. With us you can choose from a wide range of pepper varieties, chilli varieties and spice mixtures. In our product descriptions we always try to give you an overview of the respective product, its aroma and its use in the kitchen. Take a look at our flower collection, cook fine rose petals in rice or prepare ice cream with lavender. The possibilities are endless.

In our recipes section, we regularly publish new recipes, with the hope that you will like them and that you will enjoy cooking them. Do you have a great recipe? Please send it to us, we will be happy to publish it.

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Spices are something special because they refine your dishes and make them a unique experience. With spices you have the possibility to vary the taste of your food every day. In the past, people could only consume those foods that their region produced and cook the recipes they received from their ancestors. Today with globalization and technology we can buy everything online and also try recipes from distant countries at home. You can also find recipes to cook at home on our website.

The history of spices and their use is a fascinating journey into the past. Many ancient scriptures point out that spices have been used by humans for seasoning and medicine for a very long time. They are mentioned in the Old Testament as well as in the Epic of Gilgamesh and in Chinese texts. The Egyptians used spices to embalm the dead and as gifts for the gods who should put them mildly.