Is the wild card for every superhero unstoppable

Three films - three jokers

The clown prince is probably the best known and most popular super villain. He's been in comics, films and series for decades and is up to mischief there. Suicide Squad revived the Joker hype. But years before that, Tim Burton had played the Joker against Michael Keaton in Batman. And Christopher Nolan presented us with the most legendary Joker. Find out everything about the three film jokers here!

What would the Joker be without Batman? And what would Batman be without the Joker? The Joker would find a world without Batman boring. Batman will probably have a different opinion on this. But one thing is certain: Without the Joker, Batman would only have half as much to do! And what is a superhero without his archenemy?

Additionally, Batman is honored to be faced with the world's most iconic villain. Nobody can get past the clown prince. Everyone knows his green hair and his permanent grin. But the Joker is, despite its general fame and many film appearances, a mystery. Whether blackmailer, bank robber, psychopath, it is not certain what the joker is, or whether it is everything at the same time. In any case, we admire him for the fact that he always wears a smile on his face. Cheerful person.

When trying to characterize the Joker, the various actors who play the Joker make it particularly difficult. The role is taken over in the movies by three different screen heroes who are completely different. The staging of the charismatic criminal depends on the actor, the director and the zeitgeist. The result is three different incarnations of the same villain. Every viewer has their favorite joker.

Before we go into the differences between the three, we can identify two similarities. First, whoever played the Joker is simply the best super villain! And second, all women will agree, always really sexy. Who do the ladies find the hottest among you? The lords of creation are of course also allowed to add their mustard here.

But here we go: Here we go into the three film jokers in more detail. Poems were analyzed in school, now the joker is analyzed.

Batman: The Joker by Jack Nicholson (1989)

The Oscar-winning film adaptation of Batman was released in 1989 under Tim Burton. At the time, Batman was one of the most successful films of all time, and it got the box office ringing properly. So far so good, but it was a long way to go before filming Batman could begin. Finding the right actors was a major challenge for the film crew. A hit for the gossip press: Is the Joker played by Jack Nicholson, Tim Curry or Robin Williams? Jack Nicholson finally gave his yes-word to make his charismatic face available to the villain. Gotham City was finally able to make its way into the cinemas and blow comic book fans off their socks in films. Nicholson brought in an estimated $ 60 million in gage for the film, which is an unbroken record to this day.

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As already mentioned, the staging of the Joker depends on the zeitgeist. Back then, in the late 80s, global political peace was spreading. As for us, it was the fall of the Berlin Wall. Borders were opened. People were able to rediscover themselves, everything cries out for a new beginning. How is that reflected in the first film with the Joker?

Role of the joker

Based on this time, the Joker also strives for self-realization. He's living the American dream. Not from dishwasher to millionaire, but from small-door to underworld boss. We get to know him as a mad psychopath who, through a chemical accident, found the look we know and love. Characterizing for him is his fun in manipulating the public. He wants all the attention. The Joker, embodied by Nicholson, is more than convinced of himself.

In the film, the name of the Joker is revealed: Jack Napier. So Jack Nicholson is the perfect cast. But instead of getting lost in the role of the Joker, Nicholson made his own Joker out of it. He even asked for a say in the selection of the make-up designer and the design of the Joker. He denies his own way, which he paves with innumerable deaths and crimes. This is where Batman comes in and hunt down the Joker.

First Batman even “created” the Joker through the chemical accident and then he destroys it himself. But Batman was also “created” by the Joker. The Joker is responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. Bruce was traumatized and transformed into the revenge-seeking Batman. So the fate of one can be traced back to the actions of the other. Both want to see the other death. Batman the Joker out of revenge. The joker Batman made of envy and narcissism. He doesn't want to divide the attention.

This also fits in with his attitude towards the opposite sex: For the Joker only he counts. No other creature is worth loving the way he is. So women are only a means to an end. Be next to yourself is probably his motto. This can be clearly seen when he is lured into a trap because of the affair with his boss Grissom's lover. "Because of a woman" this happened. Not to be accepted for the Joker by Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson's Joker corresponds exactly to the time: he wants to realize himself, no matter what it costs. He's a career man who only cares about himself. We get to know the Joker directly as a criminal, his chemical accident only gives him his familiar appearance.

The Dark Knight: The Joker by Heath Ledger (2008)

The last Batman was 19 years ago at the time. Burton was replaced by Christopher Nolan and Jack Nicholson by Heath Ledger. We're talking about the hit movie The Dark Knight. Before the film began, however, doubts about the Joker's cast were great. But Heath Ledger took our hearts by storm. In a very different way from Jack Nicholson. Whether the cult of this Joker was made even bigger by the death of Heath Ledger is debatable. In any case, Heath gave everything and created a Joker like we've never seen him before. His masterpiece!

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At the time of the movie, terrorist attacks were on people's minds. The attacks could hardly be counted. Under President George W. Bush, we waged a war on terror (which is now back on track). The terrorists should be fought. With all my might. So it is not surprising that the Joker finds himself in this role again.

Role of the joker

Nolan put the Joker in a completely new role. His white face is created by make-up. His seared grin consists of scars drawn from the corners of his mouth to his cheeks. Even the purple suit is no longer the same: it has seen strong signs of wear and tear under the wild life of the Joker. Heath plays a shabby joker: greasy hair and smeared make-up. Every woman's nightmare. The Joker doesn't care. Unlike Nicholson's Joker, Ledger‘s Joker doesn't care about himself. His looks, his image. Everything. We don't even know exactly who he is. He himself spreads different stories about how he got his scars. He wants to appear mysterious and just spread mischief.

The world should burn. He himself says that he does not plan evil: he compares himself to a dog who runs after a car, barking, without knowing what he is doing when he gets hold of it. But we contradict that: The Joker has a plan. The fear and horror he spreads were planned by him. He wants to wreak havoc. That is his only will. The reason for this terrible desire is unknown to us. Some people may just be fundamentally evil. His Joker playing cards serve as business cards. A man with no name or history.

However, there is one thing we know about him: Batman makes him feel complete. He has something to do through him. Both are branded as eccentric by the public, so they are virtually carved from the same cloth. Because of this, he doesn't want to simply turn off his enemy. He's playing with him. He wants him to be part of his world. He has found a kindred spirit in Batman. Surprising, since he is otherwise lonely and emotionally cold. Women do not play a role in his world. In the life of the Joker, all that counts is challenge and action.

Portrayed by Heath Ledger, the Joker is some kind of inscrutable terrorist, which, given the times, is a great danger. He has no clear goal or any other weaknesses with which to stop him. He just wants to spread evil. Due to his unexplained past, the fear factor in the viewer is all the greater. Seldom has the Joker had such a flair of mystery.

Suicide Squad: The Joker by Jared Leto (2016)

After Heath Ledger's death, is it appropriate to revive the Joker? Can anyone ever play such an outstanding joker again? Or is it going to be a flop? It took eight years for the Joker to find their way back onto the screen. This time played by Jared Leto in the movie Suicide Squad.

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In the present time, everyone is directed towards individualization. Everyone wants to be seen as something special and stand out from the crowd. Apart from the fact that individuality has become a mass cult, which actually makes us all the same again, we want to break out of the conformist society. That takes courage. Courage to break the rules. We want to identify with the evil, the other. The joker becomes a role model. But how was that captured in the film?

Role of the joker

Leto's predecessors play clear leading roles, while Leto has to share the spotlight with several other players. Among other things, this has to do with the fact that Suicide Squad is not Batman vs Joker, but a whole gang full of super villains. The focus is on the gang. Yes, here the evil fights the even worse. Leto really managed to make the Joker a role model. However, the joker cannot be directly described as a marginal figure, because his actions are strongly emphasized and staged. He is involved in the course of the action and cannot be assigned to exactly one group. He is a self-standing individual.

It doesn't just depend on what he does, his appearance also makes him appear individual: His look is completely different from what we are used to. As with Nicholson, his appearance is the result of a chemical accident, but he had it painted over with tattoos. His teeth are also pimped by metal. 50Cent would be proud. Director David Ayer has thus tied to the zeitgeist and was inspired by Instagram profiles of drug lords and rappers. So the Joker became a mix of gangster, glam rock and elegance. The dramatic undertone of his voice completes the villain. Leto‘s Joker is an underworld boss who stands out from others. Central to him is the will not to be what society demands.

In addition to this will to be individual, there is also Harley Quinn in his life. Batman only plays a subordinate role for him. Harley is everything to him. In contrast to the previous Jokers, Jared shows deep feelings for another person. A real basis for identification! This joker offers a mixture of evil and sympathy. Its main purpose is Harley Quinn. It would be interesting to see what his personality would be like without her.

Jared Leto's Joker puts his life in the limelight. He is a modern gangster boss and lives the individualization. His self-presentation is madness. But here the joker is portrayed more as a lover, then as a real villain. Sometimes nice too.

So whether Jack, Heath or Jared, we love every Joker and each of them fits perfectly into his film and makes it a unique experience! Which is your favorite joker? Or maybe you can't make up your mind because each Joker was part of his own film?