Why is the mechanics so hard and confusing

How Fat Burning Really Works!

After the many holidays, the thought of going to the gym is a horror for many. We can understand that very well. A few extra pounds on our hips doesn't always make us exercise. On the contrary: we often don't know where to start. Knowing how fat is stored and burned motivates and helps to exercise in a smart way.


How is fat stored? 

Have you also found driving a car to be confusing and difficult until you understood how the mechanics work? It's similar with our bodies: knowing how our bodies store and burn fat can help us have a healthier, leaner version of ourselves. What we know about fat is that we need a certain amount for our energy levels and that certain fats are healthy. When we eat fat, it is either broken down and passed through our bloodstream, converted into energy, or stored. There are two types of fat that our body stores:


At Subcutaneous fatty tissue It's about fat that we don't burn - the centimeters of hip circumference that we would like to have less, the fat that is stored under our skin instead of being burned. The longer it stays there, the harder it is to get rid of. Sometimes it stays permanent.


Visceral fat on the other hand, is fat that surrounds our organs. We need to pay special attention to this fat because it can have serious consequences for our health. This is exactly why we have to use up the energy we take in through food by moving.


What does "burn fat" actually mean? 

Always keep in mind that our body uses the energy circulating in the bloodstream and muscles first, before resorting to the energy stored in the form of fat. This is precisely why we can train hard without burning fat - the stored fat is always the last source of energy used.


It also follows that both exercise and calorie intake and their relationship to one another are crucial when it comes to burning fat. In order to reduce body fat, the body must first use up the energy absorbed through food before it goes to the reserves. Lower calorie intake and exercise are therefore essential to see the results you want.


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