How do I buy a public IP

What is my public and private IP address?

What is the difference between the private IP address and the public IP address on your broadband box? Where do you find them?

Your Broadband box has a private IP address and a public IP address. Find out what the difference is and how to tell it.

Public IP address

A box has an "outward" IP address that represents its address on the Internet: this is the public IP address. This is the address z. For example, a server “sees” when you want to carry out transactions on it. It's his connection to the network. These addresses are used by the computers on the network to communicate with each other. So every computer on a network has one unique IP address.

Private IP address

A box also has an "inward" IP address; H. it can be used to connect one or more computers. This is the private IP address.

How to find out your public IP

The public IP address is used by your ISP (Internet service provider) delivered at the time of installation and box synchronization.

Here's how to find out your public IP:
Connect to your box:

Go to My Services → Internet Access → Internet Connection Status

Or go to a page like:

How to find out your private IP under Windows

If you are using Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista, go to Start / Run and enter “cmd / k ipconfig / all”.

If you are using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, go to Start / Run and enter "winipcfg".

Here is the detailed Windows procedure for getting the private IP address:

  • go to Start → Run → Cmd
  • enter the command "ipconfig / all".
  • A list of all Ethernet cards in your PC appears with their IP addresses and the following information:
    Name of the connection in the Windows properties;
    MAC address of the network card;
    the private “IPv4” address of your computer.

Windows 10 tip

Click on your connection icon in the system tray and then select the active connection labeled “Connected”;
In the window that opens, click again on the active connection. You will then see information about your connection, including your private one IPv4 address.

How to find out your private IP with macOS

Go to the menu "System settings"(Apple icon in the top left of the screen), then open the Network menu. Then click on your active connection and the private IP address will be displayed in the upper right part of the window.

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