What is the NET test about

Speed ​​test

What should you watch out for in the Magenta speed test?

Please note that measurements of the available bandwidth are significantly influenced by a wide variety of factors. For this reason, it is important that you observe the following settings:

  • Connect the modem and the end device directly with the LAN cable
  • Use only the cabling provided by Magenta
  • Always install the latest software updates and drivers for your hardware
  • Make sure that the network card you are using supports the bandwidth of your product.
  • Remove any devices that might be accessing the Internet
  • Close all programs (e.g. e-mail programs) and browser windows (except for the one required for the speed test)
  • Perform the measurements at different times of the day and night
  • The use of firewalls can - depending on the settings used - have a significant impact on the bandwidth

What does the ping mean in the speed test?

The ping specifies the minimum time span in milliseconds between the sending of a data packet and the response packet that is then sent back. From a technical point of view, the ping is also referred to as latency and is particularly critical to the success of online gaming and video telephony. The lower the ping value, the better.

What is the download?

Probably the most important value is the download speed. This determines how fast you can download a file from a server and is primarily decisive for the quality when playing video and streaming content. This number is given in "megabits per second" (Mbit).

What is the good download speed?

Which download speed is good depends on your own requirements and demands. For normal private use, which includes regular surfing as well as the consumption of video and streaming services, a download speed of at least 8 Mbit / s is recommended.

What is the upload?

The word upload translates as “uploading” and is the counterpart to downloading. Specifically, this means that you upload data to the Internet via your computer, laptop or smartphone and this is then available for the website or for other people.

How important is upload speed?

The upload speed is therefore of relevant importance if you want to send or upload a lot of files - for example via e-mail or when posting photos on Facebook & Co.Because the upload usually takes place much slower than the download, this can sometimes be a problem last.

Why is the internet speed fluctuating?

Depending on the Internet technology used, the Internet speed achieved can vary greatly. A basic distinction must be made between shared media such as cellular internet (LTE, 5G) and dedicated media (DSL, fiber optics). Cellular networks in particular are subject to natural fluctuations, as you have to share the cellular cell with the other participants. Depending on the time of day, the Internet is sometimes used more (evening hours) and sometimes less (morning hours). The following applies: the lower the use of mobile internet, the higher the speed.