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Star Stable is a popular online browser game with chat, community and blog. Unique horses and riders unravel the magic of the Wildwoods as Norvik Rangers. Girls, teenagers and parents with children can get together and play the game with the questions together. The game can be tried out for free beforehand. Every Wednesday there is a new story with new adventures. The game is accompanied by updates, a blog and a community.

Free Horse Games - NOW: Horse Browser Games and Games with Ponies

There are plenty on the internet Horse games and browser games that deal with the topic of horses. Are particularly interesting Horse browser games For girls and women who are familiar with horses or who own a horse or who regularly go horse riding. There are also other games that are not exclusively about horses, but appeal to the target group women and girls. The featured games on pferdespiele.eu I distinguish between two groups. The first group are Online games with horseswhich require a registration to the game. The second group are online horse gamesthat work without downloading and without registration. The time required is different for both groups, with the second group known as the "in between" games, ideal for the lunch break. The first group is more time intensive, but offers a lot more depth of play. All have one thing Horse online games together. You are fun!

Every child probably knows rodeo, as with bull riding, the principle is to keep on the back of the "wild" animal. At Rodeo Extreme you sit on the back of a wild horse and have to try to stay in the seat as long as possible. This is easier said than done in this crazy horse game, because the stubborn horse runs all over the arena and you have to try to stay in the rodeo saddle for as long as possible.

The browser game Wauies is not directly about horses, but it is still a very nice animal game with cats and dogs. At Wauies you take over the management of a pet shop and make sure that the shop is running. Make sure that the animals are satisfied and feel good, then you are more likely to find a customer who gives the animal a new home. Give the animals enough exercise, food and a few pats every now and then so that they feel comfortable.

Become a helper on a horse farm, because the owner of the horse farm went on vacation and now you take care of the entire farm. The tasks of the caretaker are not so easy, first of all a pony is chosen to be cared for. Every horse has slightly different needs that you will quickly get to know as a holiday replacement. These are, for example, drinking, playing, cleaning, grooming, eating and sleeping. Take good care of the ponies and horses until the owner is back.

Farm games are now available in every imaginable way. My Little Farmies is one of those countless farm games in which you run your own farm. The difference to the masses, however, is that with My Little Farmies you don't have to spend any money to reach the next level, because everything can be unlocked here. Of course, the free browser game also features horses on your farm as well as other animals and lots of plants and trees.

With Horsey Racing you landed on a racecourse again, but this time it's not about running a racing stable or a racetrack, but about winning the race itself. Help your horse to overcome the course as quickly as possible and jump over obstacles. Your horse always competes in a direct duel against another horse to be beaten. Before the actual horse race, you can choose the difficulty or the speed and slowly increase.

In My Free Zoo you become a zoo director and manage an entire zoo from the first groundbreaking. Only you decide where which enclosure and which attraction should be built and what the zoo will look like in the end. In this browser game there are not only horses, but also many rare animals and wild animals such as tigers or lions that zoo visitors look forward to. The care, breeding and much more are also part of your duties as zoo director.

Almost everyone knows the simulation game Theme Park for the computer, My Fantastic Park is basically nothing else, except that you don't have to buy this simulation, but can play it as a browser game for free on the Internet. As the manager of an amusement park, you build carousels, roller coasters, food and ticket booths and a lot more. Only you decide what the park should look like and which crazy attractions you want to present to your visitors.

In the Howrse browser game you breed horses and can take part in competitions with them. The free online game is a simulation in which you run the horse farm. You care for the horses and make sure that they develop splendidly. Your everyday life in the game is horse breeding. Exchange ideas with other Howrse players and cultivate social contacts with other breeders. The horse game is now played by over 12 million people worldwide, and not without reason!

Attention girls, Lady Popular is a real fashion game as a free browser game. In it you not only have an oversized wardrobe with lots of clothes and accessories, but also lots of other fashion items. The point of the game is very simple, you slip into the role of a star and should behave accordingly and dress fashionably. You go to parties and flirt, furnish your apartment chic or you take part in fashion competitions and compete in duels.

Barbie is about horseback riding is less about riding and horses than about the clothes and fashion that Barbie would wear while riding. Your task is to put together a riding outfit for Barbie and to find a suitable horse with a beautiful saddle. Because today's Barbie will certainly not ride around in a 0815 denim shirt and breeches, so it is up to you to put together a chic, fashionable outfit for the next ride.

The game Racehorse Tycoon is, as the name suggests, about horse racing. Horse races have been around for centuries and still inspire many people on the racecourse today. You not only run a racetrack, but also a racing team for a whole season. Take care of the racehorse and hire jockeys and trainers so that your horse might get some big prize money at the next race.

In the Horse Hospital Game you are responsible as a veterinarian for the sick horses and you should take care of them again. The Horse Hospital is a huge farm with dozens of stables. You examine the cute horses and foals and have to measure the size of the animals, for example, to determine whether they are the right size and weight for their age. For example, you then have to mix the right feed for the sick horse.

In the adventure browser game Kapifari you become a gamekeeper. You are discovering new areas on the African continent and are setting up quarters in the wildlife park. You set up the accommodation with furniture and decorative elements until you like it. As a dedicated gamekeeper, you will take care of injured or abandoned animals and take them into your reserve. It is up to you to nurse them back to health. Start exploring and discover new, beautiful places full of wild animals.

Create your own flower garden in the browser game Floristikus. This time it's not a typical farm or horse game, because at Floristikus you are roughly a gardener and not only plant fruit and vegetables, but also beautiful flowers that bloom pretty. The game turns you into a professional flower grower, so to speak, because by carefully crossing the different types of flowers you can create completely new creations. So if you like flowers and gardening, the free browser game Floristikus should be something for your taste.

Ponyrama is a typical horse game in which you run a pony farm. Decide for yourself which ponies you would like to have on your farm and design them entirely according to your wishes. Build holiday apartments and attract visitors to your pony farm to generate sales and buy new ponies and co. Ponyrama can be played as a browser game for free on the Internet and does not require a download or software installation, just register and play immediately on your own pony farm.

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All Pony games and games with horses are free. That means there are no hidden costs if you register for the games and want to try them out. who Horse games want to play with real money, be it just at the slot machine, you can stop by the casino. Another possibility of horse games are horse betting. Unfortunately, we can't offer you anything about this, but open wettprinzen.de refer. Betting on horse races is possible there, provided that you have registered with one of the providers presented in advance. With those presented on pferdespiele.eu Horse browser games there is at most the possibility in the game to be able to buy small extras. When selecting the games, we made sure that these are extras and not "must" features in the game. A good game is characterized by the fact that you can achieve all of the goals in the game without using real money. So that the game can start right away, everyone is Horse games without download and without registration. The featured Pony games do not require installation to play online. So you see, nothing stands in the way of your own horse breeding and everyone can breed, care for and look after their pony to their heart's content. Tamagotchi was yesterday, in the internet age there are a multitude of other possibilities that horse fans can try out and indulge their hobby.