Should school uniforms be compulsory 2

School uniform: tips to my discussion?

I'm writing a German paper tomorrow and I have to write a discussion.
I chose the subject of school uniform and wrote a discussion. I wanted to know if she is good or if you have tips for me on how to do it better.

Thesis: Should school uniforms become compulsory everywhere?
1. No brand bullying
2. A sense of togetherness
3. Powerful

1. Costs a lot
2. Bullying
3. Individuality is impaired
This issue affects us all, especially your children. This is the subject that is being talked about today. It's about school uniforms. In England these are already compulsory. Should school uniforms also be compulsory in Germany? There are many arguments in favor of school uniforms, but does that really change anything? If they want an answer to these questions, read your main part.
The main argument in favor of school uniforms is bullying over branded clothing.
With the help of brands you can see which students buy expensive clothes and which ones buy cheap clothes. This creates competition and discrimination. Unbranded students are bullied for their clothing. This risk can be reduced with the uniforms, e.g. all students would be integrated into the class community and there would be no more bullying because everyone wears it the same
Another important argument is togetherness.
Students who feel marginalized by their clothing would no longer feel that way. The cooperation of the students would strengthen and the school community would grow bigger. During a trial phase at some German schools, it was found that the performance and cohesion of the students increased on average.
The last argument I would like to make is the level of performance.
If the students in the classes feel accepted by the uniforms, then high-performing students can assert themselves better and teachers do not judge them according to their clothing style. This impression is also conveyed by Fri. July and Mr. Friel from the Max Planck Realschule.
There are also arguments against school uniforms.
One of them is the impairment of individuality.
Many students have their own style, e.g. some only wear black and some look like a canary, through their own style they say something about themselves, if they had to wear a uniform against their will, then they might skip school or their performance would sink.
Bullying is also an important contra argument here.
Students will look for something else to complain about. Since the clothes are the same, they may discriminate against others because of their school bags or because of their hairstyle. There will always be competition, e.g. I noticed when I was there as an exchange student in England for a week. They were all dressed the same, but there were students who were alone in the breaks and who were annoyed and humiliated because of their hairstyle.
The last and most important argument is cost.
Socially disadvantaged families cannot afford school uniforms and the state would not pay for them either. In families, someone would have to do without electricity or food in order to buy a uniform for one of their children, for example a school uniform in England costs 150 dollars, in Germany that is around 110 euros and if your child breaks this uniform then you have to throw another 110 euros out the window.

My conclusion from this thesis is. There should be no school uniforms in Germany, the most important argument of the pro side convinced me of this, the costs of a school uniform are far too high for socially disadvantaged families.

Thanks for the help in advance