Why check your calls

Cannot make or receive calls on iPhone

If certain settings are turned on, your software is not up to date, or there is a problem with the network, you may not be able to make or receive calls on your iPhone.

Learn what to do if the status bar says "No network" or "Searching". If you can't make or receive calls on iPhone, do the following, and test the following after each step:

Check your iPhone's settings

  1. Turn airplane mode on or off. Activate airplane mode under "Settings", wait 5 seconds, and deactivate it again.
  2. Check your do not disturb settings. Go to Settings> Do Not Disturb and make sure it is turned off.
  3. Check to see if you've blocked phone numbers. Go to Settings> Phone> Blocked Contacts.
  4. Make sure that call forwarding is activated. Go to Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding and make sure it's turned off.
  5. Check if Filter Unknown Senders is activated. If the setting is activated, a caller must be listed in your contacts or in the "Recent" list. Or they must have shared their number in Mail or sent you a message with that number in order for the call to go through. Add the caller's number to your contacts to make sure the phone rings. Calls from some third-party apps may not be answered.

Remove the SIM card and reinsert it

Contact mobile operator

When contacting your wireless service provider, make sure of the following:

  • Your account is configured for use with an iPhone.
  • There are no local service outages.
  • There is no billing-related block on your account.
  • Your calls have no faults in the network operator system.

Check network settings

  1. Reset network settings. Go to Settings> General> Reset> Network Settings. This will delete all currently saved settings, including WiFi passwords, preferred networks and VPN settings.
  2. Try making or receiving calls in another location.
  3. Switch to a different network band. Go to Settings> Mobile Network> Cellular Data> Enable LTE, then deselect Enable LTE / 4G / 3G (this option depends on your operator and device model).
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