What is the best brand of cucumber

The best cucumber varieties for outdoors and in the greenhouse

Which cucumber varieties you choose in your garden largely depends on the type of cultivation. We give variety tips for outdoors and for cultivation in the greenhouse.

There are big differences in cucumber varieties. Whether well-tried or newly bred: A basic distinction is made between free-range cucumbers and snake cucumbers (cucumbers) that are grown in the greenhouse. In addition, the individual cucumber varieties vary in their yield, their ripening time and their appearance: there are elongated, round and small varieties as well as conspicuously large varieties. The fruits can be white, yellow or green in color. It is also important whether the cucumber variety produces male and female flowers or whether it is purely female. The latter cucumber varieties do not need pollination and are called parthenocarp ("virgin fruit").

Which types of cucumber are suitable for outdoors?

‘Delfs Nr.1’ is an early cucumber for outdoors. It forms dark green, smooth-skinned fruits with fine white spines. These are about 20 centimeters long and thick-fleshed. The cucumber variety is very robust against plant diseases and pests.

‘Burpless Tasty Green’ is a compact growing cucumber variety (more precisely an F1 hybrid), which is also suitable for cultivation in tubs and pots on the balcony. The mild-tasting fruits are between 20 and 30 centimeters long.

‘Tanja’ is a high-yielding and bitter-free cucumber variety with dark green, slim fruits with a length of about 30 centimeters.

"German snakes" is the name of an old cucumber variety that was already cultivated in the middle of the 19th century. It forms club-shaped fruits with a short neck that are up to 40 centimeters long. The skin is firm and dark green. The fruits ripen to a golden yellow.

‘White Wonder’ is a robust and rich cucumber with white, aromatic, mild flesh.

Tip: There are types of cucumber that are suitable for outdoors as well as for the greenhouse. These include, for example, ‘Long de Chine’, a snake cucumber with up to 40 centimeters long and dark green, ribbed fruits, and Dorninger ’, a variety with a long growing tradition. Its fruits have a greenish-yellow skin that is slightly marbled, the flesh is tender and tasty. Also: ‘Selma Cuca’, a robust snake cucumber with straight, dark green and elongated fruits and a very pleasant aroma.

Which types of cucumber have proven themselves in the greenhouse?

There are well-tried and new cucumber varieties that are particularly resistant for the greenhouse. Among the cucumbers and snake cucumbers, the following varieties should be mentioned in particular:

‘Helena’: a biodynamic new breed that develops long, smooth fruits with a medium to dark green color. The fruits have a fine taste. The plant is a virgin variety, which means that each flower sets a fruit.

‘Conquerer’ is an old greenhouse variety that can withstand lower temperatures than other cucumber varieties. Relatively large, aromatic and medium green fruits are formed.

‘Eiffel’ is a robust F1 variety, the fruits of which are up to 35 centimeters long.

‘Dominica’ is a purely female flowering variety that develops almost no bitter substances and is also resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew. The fruits become quite long with 25 to 35 centimeters.

"Noah's forcing" is a snake cucumber for the greenhouse. It forms very large, dark green and slender fruits that can be up to 50 centimeters long. The fine meat tastes tender and mild.

Variety tips for pickling cucumbers

Some types of cucumber are called pickling cucumbers because these cucumbers are easy to pickle and are particularly suitable for use as pickles. The very productive hier Vorgebirgstraube ’should be mentioned here. Its many small fruits are slightly prickly and turn slightly yellow when ripe. The cucumber variety can be grown well outdoors. The ‘Znaimer’ variety, which develops medium-sized and light green fruits with spikes and tips, is also predestined for outdoor cultivation. The firm pulp does not taste bitter.

The "original cucumber"

One type of cucumber that was bred back from numerous different varieties is the so-called Ur Jurassic ’original cucumber. The variety can be grown outdoors as well as in a greenhouse. But you should lead them up on tendrils or cords. The approximately 30 centimeters long fruits are slightly curved in shape, dark green and have small knobs and a slightly scarred skin. The crunchy pulp of the original cucumber, which hardly contains any seeds, tastes strongly spicy for a cucumber. The cucumber variety is very productive and is characterized by a long harvest period.

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