How can companions ensure their own safety

Kreis Lippe gives tips on digital contact tracking with "Darfichrein"

Step 1: This is required in order to be able to use "Darfichrein"

"Darfichrein" is not an app, but an application for digital contact tracking. Means: You don't have to download an app to use "Darfichrein". All you need is a smartphone with internet access and a QR code scanner must be installed.

Step 2: Enter contact details with "Darfichrein" and check in:

  • Whether hotel, cultural institution or gastronomy: The operator places one at the entrance QR code ready.
  • Scan the QR code and check in:
    The guest scans the QR code. An input mask opens in the internet browser. There the guest gives the contact details and can check in.
  • Assign a PIN and enter contact details only once: A PIN can also be assigned. With this PIN, users can conveniently check in next time without having to re-enter their contact details.
  • Check-in ticket is created: After checking in, a check-in ticket is displayed directly. Accompanying persons can be registered with this check-in ticket or, for example, the menu can be called up.

Step 3: checkout

  • Check out again when leaving: There is a separate button for this in the check-in ticket.
  • Forgot checkout? Not bad - the system automatically checks out visitors after their normal stay.

Advantages of "Darfichrein":

Many mobile devices have already integrated a QR code scanner in the installed camera app. The "Darfichrein" application can be used directly in the browser and does not require an app to be downloaded beforehand. "Darfichrein" guarantees maximum security for the stored data, and the data is only released if it is necessary due to an infection with the coronavirus. And even then, the data will only be passed on to the responsible health department.

Further information on "Darfichrein" as well as an explanatory video and step-by-step instructions can be found at Operators can find more information on registering as hosts at "Darfichrein" at

Further information on digital applications in the Lippe Health Office can also be found at under “Our topics and projects” or directly under Digital Applications in the Lippe Health Office.