What is a virtual race


Hello runners!

Welcome to Virtual Running, the first German site for virtual races.

This is a site for runners and for people who would like to (or don't want to, but should) become one.

Nice that you found your way.

Spring is here and so are our two new challenges!

As announced, we have a spring challenge over 300 kilometers at the start. Since we are running late, we are extending the spring a little. You can find details in the description.

For the first time we have a cherry blossom challenge over 100 kilometers, suitable for the time when the trees are in full bloom.

Really, the cherry blossom medal turned out really good! But look at it for yourself (and agree with me).

For those who want to improve their running distances, our puzzle race is ideal. It's fun to stay on the ball.

Our first two lone wolves successfully crossed the finish line:

David from Malterdingen and Maya from Krefeld were the first to finish the Lonesome Wolf Run. Congratulations!

A little hint:

Sometimes Paypal interrupts the payment for some inexplicable reason, but you still get a notification from Paypal that the transfer was successful.

We usually send an email when you successfully book a race.

So if you don't hear from us, there is probably such a mistake. Don't worry, these canceled transactions will keep your money in your account.

For those who train with Strava: In our Strava Club you can compete with others, free of charge, of course. You don't have to book a race with us for this.

Or exchange ideas on our Facebook page.

But now finally put on your running shoes and swing your hooves! Hurry up!

Races don't win by themselves!

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a running event. As in an official race, you have to cover a certain number of kilometers. You will then receive a nice medal for your effort.

The difference to normal races is that you determine the time and place yourself.

So it is not necessary to start the race at a certain time in a certain location.

You alone determine when you are ready, regardless of the running organizer's schedule.

A virtual run has certain advantages.

Much of what restricts you at an official running event is not a problem with the virtual run.

You can adapt your run to your private schedule.

You can take your baby jogger and your five dogs with you on your run.

Do you notice at three in the morning that now is the right time to run? Well then go.

You don't need to travel to the launch site and look for a parking space.

You want to compete with other runners and get a nice medal as a reward for your performance, but you don't like running in large groups with many other people.

Then a virtual race might be right for you. Sign up here.

Thats how it works.

Be there and set yourself new goals and face new challenges.

With one goal in mind, it's even better to train and stay on the ball.

Not a runner yet? Well then this is THE opportunity to get to know your new, great hobby.

If you don't want to run alone, look for a partner or a group, then you can share your passion and happiness as a runner.

We are planning many more beautiful races and challenges for the future. That's why it's definitely worth taking a look at our website.

And with your support, our site will be even more colorful, interesting and exciting in the future.

We look forward to you and your successes!