The attitude determines your success


Have you ever been in love?
What have you already done to be with your loved one?
Because I was in love at the time, I moved to Germany and left everything behind that was part of my everyday life in Italy - including my safety.

Passion is one of our basic needs and the engine why we do things that others consider relatively impossible. If our passion is big enough, then we move mountains: we move, change jobs, learn new languages, get to the bottom of things, we start new companies, we research and develop something that is very important to us. Ultimately, we enter into relationships because we absolutely want to - no matter what others think of it, no matter whether it makes sense outside or not.

That is exactly the engine that brings us to our success. As Günter Faltin said, we don't need to be a tax advisor or lawyer to start a company. We need new ideas and passion for what we do.
If everything else we do comes before passion and has to be done first before we indulge in passion, then that is not passion and accordingly there will be no success.

When the passion is high for what we do, our motivation will find ways to develop products or services that serve people. People will be drawn to the excitement you spread and will in turn feel like developing their own excitement. I call that the principle of resonance. Enthusiasm is infectious and is the basic ingredient for success.

I often meet people who tell me that they would like to change something, but they lack the passion to do it. There is nothing they are passionate about. I then first ask exactly what they really enjoy doing and what they are really good at. The answer is often very clear. Just as clear as the sentence that is added: "Yes, I would like to, but you can't make any money with it."
Are you sure? If you are sure, it will be. But if you just don't know the way to market your passion, then it's something else.
There are ways to do this to find out how that can be done.

The real obstacle, however, is when success is represented differently internally than externally. When the representation is different internally and externally, a feeling of conflict arises. Disruption slows our willpower and motivation to put things into action.

An example: A lady I met at a party told me that she likes to make jewelry, but that it is a breadless art. That's why she went to work part-time. After work, she cooks for the children, does the housework and in the evenings when her husband comes home, there was the usual chat.
That is, when the children were not there in the afternoon and the man was tired in the evening, she devoted herself to her passion. It was clear to me that she couldn't make a living from it. It was also clear to me that she took neither her passion nor herself seriously. She gave herself and what she loved no space. This created little motivation to design, manufacture and sell jewelry.
How about you? How seriously do you take your passion? Passion and enjoyment are among our basic needs. If you deny it, it is as if you are denying food and love for yourself.

Enthusiasm is contagious and is the basic ingredient for success.
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