How do people recognize potential in sport

Every company wants committed employees. But how do you find personalities with backbone, courage, initiation and empathy? Are the search tools of the HR departments even geared towards capturing more than the surface? Friedemann Stracke, former HR manager of the recruitment center at Otto GmbH & Co. KG, responsible for filling up to 700 vacancies and assessing thousands of potentials annually, exposes the mutual bluff that interviews with applicants and employees often represent. And he shows how it can be done differently and better. The author takes a close look at the current procedures and calls to mind the basics of every selection and assessment process. Stracke conveys the high art of professional and at the same time human conversation, the prerequisite for good personnel decisions. Every manager and every human resource expert will benefit from it.

How to make informed HR decisions. A book for professional practice and beyond.

Stracke, Friedemann
Friedemann Stracke, born in 1958, graduated in business administration, has headed the Institute for Management Consulting and Personality Assessment in Hamburg since 2007 and is the managing director of PI Europe Deutschland GmbH. Before that, he was HR manager at Otto, responsible for recruitment and HR marketing, among other things. Friedemann Stracke is a member of the board of trustees of the Euro-FH, Hamburg, and a sought-after and recognized speaker. Lecturing at universities, including Kiel, M√ľnster, Steinbeis University Stuttgart, Berlin.