What is the name of a circular window

Round window - a special shape with many advantages

Whether in the kitchen, living room, basement or garage - rectangular windows are the most common and also relatively inexpensive type of window. For those who like unusual architecture and modern solutions, there are other alternatives such as round windows. Round windows - also called circular windows or porthole windows - provide that certain something and give your house an interesting look. Read More

It goes round - not just in the roof gable

Everyone of us has seen round windows in dormers or gables. But that does not mean that round windows can only be used in the attic area. You can also install this elegant window variant in other rooms such as the bathroom, hallway, guest room or as a supplement to rectangular window shapes. Round windows primarily let in additional light and therefore increase living comfort considerably.

You normally have the option of configuring your round window exactly according to your ideas and needs. Round windows made of plastic, aluminum or wood are usually made-to-measure on the market, with a diameter of at least 75cm. Also such extras asDecorative foils or safety glass are available with most round windows - also as with the "normal" windows.

Round windows - much more than a decorative element

Most circular windows are permanently glazed plastic windows, with or without an opening mechanism. The models with fixed glazing are therefore designed as style windows, convey a pleasant ambience and are a great eye-catcher.Round window with opening function allow easy window cleaning and an optimal exchange of air. You can choose between windows with a sash or a double window, which you can easily:

  • rotate
  • tilt
  • or swing


All round windows can also be divided by bars - very practical, especially for houses in a rustic style.

In terms of glazing, round windows are in no way inferior to rectangular windows. The following are the main types of window glass:

  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing
  • Window glass with ornamental glass
  • Glazing with rung glass


It is best to leave the installation of round windows to the professional

A professional assembly of circular windows requires a certain amount of manual skill. For this reason, we recommend that you only rely on experienced window manufacturers in this area.Even the opening in the house facade is not easy because the rectangular stones from which houses are built can cause problems even when preparing the recess. In addition, the round windows have no sides like the top and bottom, so they can be mounted in any direction. That is why the professionals always make sure that the window handle is in the right position and can then be opened as desired.

If we have aroused your curiosity and you are currently considering installing a porthole-shaped window - then you've come to the right place. As an experienced window and door joiner, we are happy to take on your project. Contact us by phone at (081 24) 53 23 0 or send us a message for a non-binding offer!

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