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Doing nothing: More profit through less work

The sweet one Do nothing does not have a particularly good reputation. In a performance society like the German one, work is highly valued. In contrast, inaction is quickly condemned. Even involuntary unemployment in the form of unemployment is seldom condoned. Doing nothing is only one side of the coin and at least as important for people as meaningful occupation. And it's not as if most people can't somehow pass the time: Everyone moans about Monday, looking forward to the weekend or vacation. But the free time is also packed full from time to time. Why doing nothing is so important and how you can benefit from it ...

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Inaction Definition: What is that anyway?

The noun idleness is a combination of the pronoun Nothing and the noun To do, so the correct spelling is loud Duden: Do nothing. On the other hand, if you want to express that a person do nothing, change or accomplish, write apart, for example:

  • There is nothing you can do about it.
  • I won't do anything.
  • You do not have to do anything.
  • He doesn't want to do anything.

What is meant is a Behavior without activity. A synonym for doing nothing is also often said:

  • Dolcefarniente
  • Slacking off
  • idleness
  • Idleness
  • Idleness
  • leisure
  • passivity
  • Indolence
  • inaction

Doing nothing is downright a bad word in the world of work. Everything is up Productivity, performance and efficiency designed. In the best case, it might still be about time management or: self management. Because time is just as long as it is - no more, but also no less.

But whatever you call the child: It's almost never about gaining time just to indulge in doing nothing. Much more often it is about even more in less time to accomplish. To optimize yourself. And that partially degenerates:

There is hardly an area in which people would not optimize themselves. Sure, the workflow will be optimized. But hey, isn't there still some room for improvement what they own personality concerns? And speaking of the person: what about fitness?

So quickly booked a few more coaching seminars and registered in the gym. Everything can get a little better, higher, further, faster. Maximization instead of satisfaction.

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Why doing nothing is so important and so healthy

Doing nothing has to become an integral part of everyday life, otherwise it becomes mental health suffer from it, at least say psychologists. This does not have to manifest itself in mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders or addictions.

More often, psychologists and psychiatrists observe disorders that can develop into something worse in the long run: Everything will pressed into a template and then has to fit. In the case of examinations, certain services must be provided, otherwise performance-enhancing agents are used to help.

Hyperactive children are immediately diagnosed with ADHD and medication is used to ensure that school lessons can be completed satisfactorily.

People have to function and an ideal in body and soul correspond. According to critics, there is no time for idleness, because many are chasing various ideals. In the long term, this gnaws at your self-esteem and causes stress. And both have a negative impact on performance.

On the other hand, biologists have found that doing nothing slows down the activity of the brain waves and is therefore healthy for the mind and body. The Blood pressure drops, the stress subsides. These reactions strengthen the immune system. But doing nothing is so important not only for your physical and mental health.

Ultimately, it means that you recharge your energy reserves and gain creativity for new tasks. Doing nothing allows you mental clarity so that you can go with it Look at your goals can make decisions much more easily.

Learning to do nothing: this is how it works

You should believe that you can just be lazy and indulge in doing nothing not that difficult at all be - after all, that also works on vacation.

But the holiday example in particular shows that more and more frequently Doing nothing is not that easy is, but that we do it frequently forgotten to have. Even when they are actually free, many people think they have to squeeze everything into their free time. And it's not even just about physical activity. Nice Crossword puzzle contradict the basic idea of ​​doing nothing.

But also that Smartphone has made us lose our ability to do nothing. More and more people are therefore prescribing a digital detox for themselves. Just put the pocket demon aside and there let lie. Not being available all the time, but also not constantly checking emails and notifications, playing games or solving puzzles.

Maybe just ignore news from all over the world. Yourself no worries about current world politics and any megalomaniacs, but concentrate entirely on yourself and your own concerns.

But this is not only important on vacation. On the other hand, doing nothing has apparently been difficult for people in the past, as this quote from Oscar Wilde shows:

Doing nothing at all is the most difficult occupation in the world and at the same time the one that requires the most intellect.

But how is doing nothinghow can it be learned? We have to following tips:

  • permission

    It might sound strange, but allow yourself to do nothing. Some people immediately feel guilty about having a thousand other things on their agenda. But are you wondering if all of it really matters and if all of it needs to be done immediately? Sometimes you have to give yourself time out in order to be able to achieve what you set out to do again at a later point in time.

  • Self esteem

    Above all, people with a broken sense of self-esteem think that they constantly have to optimize something about themselves. Of course, it's perfectly fine if you have goals in certain areas that you want to improve on. But if you are constantly electrified, you should check whether these goals are a) realistic and b) still match the original goals? Sometimes things change and because of all the racing on the hamster wheel we lose sight of the real thing.

  • Point of view

    Change your perspective and familiarize yourself with the concept of deceleration. Because speed in all areas is often accompanied by a loss of quality. Doing nothing slows this speed down and can give you a new quality of life. Changing your perspective means not just seeing what isn't working, but looking at the positive things in life.

  • Hygge

    The Danes are considered to be the happiest people in Europe. How about getting something from theirs Hygge to look at? Hygge stands for comfort. This can be easily combined with doing nothing: Simply relax in a full bath with essential oils or, in summer, grab the lounger and lay it in the sun on the balcony.

  • contacts

    Many people probably associate friends with activities such as sports, going to the cinema or the disco and the like. This, too, can to a certain extent have its place in idleness, provided it does not degenerate into leisure stress. You can also have very contemplative meetings with friends, such as hiking and pedal boating.

  • meditation

    Meditation is also a form of activity, but it is a very useful relaxation exercise. Those who are stressed come down from their high stress level. Those who get bored quickly learn to focus their attention on other things - namely inwards. Viewed in this way, meditation is helpful for your own concentration, which will benefit you again later in work processes.

Doing nothing: Quotes and sayings about doing nothing

  • The work is something unnatural. Laziness alone is divine.Anatole France
  • How wonderful it is to do nothing and then rest from doing nothing.Heinrich Zille
  • Doing nothing is one of the greatest and relatively easy to get rid of stupid things.Franz Kafka
  • Doing nothing is better than doing nothing with a lot of effort.Laotse
  • Doing nothing is only fun when you actually have a lot to do.Noël Coward
  • People should be kept with whom even doing nothing is fun.Unknown
  • The disadvantage of doing nothing is that you never know when you will be done.Unknown
  • Vacation does not consist of doing nothing, but of what we otherwise do not do.Unknown

Idleness Psychology: Idleness shows goals

Regardless of whether you ask psychologists, philosophers or coaches: Pretty much everyone comes to the conclusion that doing nothing is essential Part of the lifetime should be and is. Just do nothing for a while, just observe, ponder, let your thoughts go.

These daydreams are important and by no means a waste of time. Because if you mentally switch off once or several times a day and simply do nothing, you give your body and brain that Opportunity to relax. Other languages ​​- whether English, French, or Spanish - typically have terms for people who are prone to this condition. That’s what it’s like in Italian, for example "Fannullone" and is usually not meant in a disrespectful way.

But in Germany such a situation quickly triggers panic in one or the other: doing nothing is associated with a lack of discipline and being drifted. Those who do not fill their day with activity for at least twelve hours may still be judged as lazy. Too much activity can turn into (blind) actionism.

Then namely, when the real hustle and bustle Lost sight of goals become.

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